Tracking ISS with Arduino AZ-EL Rotor controller

Tracking ISS with an home made arduino AZ-EL antenna rotator controller by IK5XWA


Arduino AZ-EL Rotor controller

This video, by Francesco IK5XWA, demonstrate the final realization of an arduino-based AZ-EL antenna rotator.

The Arduino controller, based on two Allegro A4988 drivers connected to two stepper motors, is intefaced to a Windows PC running Orbitron.

Even the cross yagi antenna is an home made project based on an original desing by I6IBE.

The next movie ( with Italian only speach ) has been recorded during a recent passage of the ISS over Italy exactly while ISS crew where taking part to a scheduled contact with an Italian school in Rome.

At 4:35 it’s possible to hear Samantha Cristoforetti IZ0UDF replying to student’s questions.

Thanks to Francesco IK5XWA for sharing this with us.

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