5 Best DIY Fan Dipole Antenna Projects

Fan Dipole Antenna - Multiband wire antenna

fan dipole
fan dipole antenna

Fan Dipole Antenna

The Fan Dipole Antenna also known as  “Parallel Dipole Antenna” or “Fanned Dipole Antenna” is a multi-band wire antenna tha can be very easy to build.

This antenna consist basically of multiple dipole antennas, sharing the same coaxial feed line.

Each dipole should be cut for the approximate centers of the bands where you would like it to resonate.

When the signal is transmitted, only the element resonating for that band is seen by your radio, basically because the other dipoles present an higher impedance.

The mechanical design of this antenna is not critical at all since can be deployed as inverted V shape, but even in horizontal way. Some deployments taking advantage of the surrounding threes, spread wires in different directions.

Usually adjacent elements can interfere each other especially is tightly coupled. Tuning of this antenna usually requires careful trimming of elements to achieve resonance on all bands.

Fan Dipole Antenna Projects

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