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  • Current Optimal Frequency Charts - Optimal Working Frequencies (MHz) for High Frequency (HF) / Shortwave Radio. By region, updated monthy.
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  • Maximum Usable Frequencies (MUF) for 3000km Radio Signal Paths - View the latest ionosphere data visualizations for HF amateur radio propagation
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  • Near-Real-Time F2-Layer Critical Frequency Map  updated - This map can be used to determine the frequencies that will always be returned to the Earth. Transmitted frequencies higher than the indicated contours (which are given in MHz) may penetrate the ionosphere, resulting in lost power to space. The map shows the radio auroral zones as green bands near the northern and southern poles.
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  • Near-Real-Time MUF Map - The recent high-resolution map of Maximum Usable Frequencies (MUFs) for 3,000 kilometer radio signal paths. This map is useful to determine maximum usable frequencies for any world-wide path at the indicated UTC (Zulu) time.
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  • Near-Realtime MUF indicator  pop - This is a highly informative map that can be used by amateur and professional radio communicators to determine maximum usable frequencies for any world-wide path at the indicated UTC (Zulu) time.
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  • Real-time OWF, MUF & maximum NVIS frequency for your QTH - Real-time dashboard with 3000km optimal working & maximum usable frequency as well as maximum NVIS frequency; all for your internet access location.
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