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Antennas : Theory
  • Optimizing Inductors - While intended mainly for antenna loading coils, this article also applies to other resonant systems, such as amplifier tank circuits.
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Ham Radio : Regional : India
  • Ham Radio India - Gateway to Indian Radio Amateurs. Resource features Indian amateur news, photos, circuits, articles, downloads, message boards and discussion forums.
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Ham Radio : Resources
  • QRZ.RU Russian HamRadio Server - Free Russian hamradio server special for radiofanats from CIS. Search engine on callsigns, electronic circuits and hamradio programs in www powered with knowledge base.
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Manufacturers : Accessories
  • SuperCircuits - ATV accessories manufacturer
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Manufacturers : Digital and Packet Radio
  • Intuitive Circuits, LLC. - Intuitive circuit llc is a market leader in dtmf encoders and decoders, cash register surveillance, cash register security, and text inserter products. Amateur televisions ATV products
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Manufacturers : Parts and Surplus
  • Far Circuits - Printed Circuit Boards - FAR Circuits is exclusively a manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards for electronic projects that are used by the Amateur Radio and electronic hobby enthusias
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  • Sunstone Circuits - Sunstone Circuits is your easiest source for quoting and ordering printed circuit boards online. We are three respected brands in one: PCBexpress quickturn boards, full-featured and design-checked boards, and PCB123 design software.
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Operating Modes : Amateur Television
  • ATV De ik1hgi - Projects and design atv de ik1hgi Progetti, circuits, master, fotos in Italian
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Operating Modes : Radio Direction Finding
  • Far circuits - Direction finding projects, useful tools for t-hunting operations
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Software : Antenna analysis
  • Smith Chart Software - SimSmith is a highly interactive, real time Smith chart graphing program. Circuits are constructed using drag-n-drop. Load files can be imported from the EZNEC and CocoaNEC antenna simulation software and from the AIM4170 and miniVNApro antenna analyzers. Circuits and load files can be of any size. Key Features: SimSmith is one of the few Smith chart packages which models transmission line losses. SimSmith also allows the description of circuit elements using algebraic equations. SimSmith has only one screen and allows the screen to be resized to increase workspace or readability.
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Software : Utilities
  • PLL2 - 2nd Order phase locked loop design for passive and active circuits. Bode plot, step response, design parameters
    [ Hits: 1473 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 5.33 ]
  • HAMIC - The Ham Intelligent Calculator - HAMIC, is a program designed to simplify a number of calculations commonly used by HAMs. It is designed for the HAM radio hobbyist, but may be useful to others as well. HAMIC has a simple to use, but powerful graphical interface that allows solving simple circuits such as resistors in series or parallel, or more complex circuits such as L networks or T networks. As well, other calculations such as SWR and reactance conversions are supported. Windows shareware.
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  • Defpom's CB Radio Simulator - It is a application which can be used for troubleshooting CB radio faults, by giving a graphical display of the normal operating frequencies generated by various parts of the CB radios circuits, it can help you identify if a frequency is incorrect or even missing. Another good use for this software is simulating possible frequency expansions, as it allows you to choose any frequency that the PLL is capable of generating, so you can see what the radio will allow you to get !
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Technical Reference : Components
  • DigChip IC database - DigChip is a provider of integrated circuits documentation search engine, it's also distributor agent between buyers and distributors excess inventory stock.
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Technical Reference : Electronics
  • Delabs technologies Product Design and Engineering - Around 200 electronic circuits in pdf format or images, There are also over 1000 links to useful electronics, freeware, open source websites. There are some 100 useful documents, software and pcbs too. Mainly industrial electronics, instrumentation. Covers Various aspects of electronics and basics of circuit design.
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  • Making printed circuits - To make smart looking PCB's, all you need is a computer, a laser printer, copper clad board, etchant, a clothes iron and some Epson glossy photo paper.
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Technical Reference : Homebrew
  • Ham Radio Circuits  pop - Circuits of SSB Transceiver, AM DSB Transmitter, Antennas, BFO, VFO, 807, FM Mike, Crystal filter and more.
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  • Homebrew resources for wireless enthusiasts - PDF resources containing information on low cost ssb,am,cw circuits, which are useful for beginners.
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  • Bowden's Hobby Circuits - A small collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student. Site includes over 100 circuit diagrams, links to related sites, commercial kits and projects, newsgroups and educational areas. Most of the circuits can be built with common components available from Radio Shack or salvaged from scrap electronic equipment
    [ Hits: 4054 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 7.62 ]
Technical Reference : Sound Card Radio Interfacing
  • Interface for MS_DSP - Minimal interface circuits for receiver and transmitter audio, also for PSK31
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