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antenna location

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Antennas : Baluns

  • Baluns on Log Perodic Antennas - Some antenna manufacturers place baluns at the incorrect location in LPDA arrays. If we consider what the balun does we can see how the mistake occurs.
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  • Baluns on Log Periodic Antennas - Some antenna manufacturers place baluns at the incorrect location in LPDA arrays, or tell you to route the cable incorrectly. This can cause substantial RFI and all sorts of weird problems like RF into house wiring.
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Antennas : Beverage Antennas : Dipole
  • An Improved Multiband Trap Dipole Antenna - This improved multiband trap dipole introduces a new trap design and a change in trap location. The antenna features double-coaxial-cable-wound traps having lower reactance and a higher quality factor (Q) than earlier coax-cable traps by W8NX
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Antennas : Rhombic
  • K0UO Rhombix Antenna Farm The Ground - Modeling an antenna over real terrain gives you a visual picture of how terrain impacts performance. You can use a model to determine optimum height for antennas on an existing tower, Compare different tower locations for performance, Compare different sites for performance
    [ Hits: 139 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 10 ]
Antennas : Stealth
  • Apartment antennas - Successful apartment operating starts with an evaluation of the location
    [ Hits: 23947 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 6.25 ]
Antennas : Theory Antennas : Vertical Antennas : W3EDP
  • W3EDP Multi-band Antenna - An Unorthodox Antenna, originally by W3AWH is considered a multi-band antenna suitable for fixed location use and as an easily deployable portable antenna for events such as Field Days.
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DX Resources : Contest : Contest Stations
  • RD3A - This site is dedicated to the RD3A (ex RD3AF)participation in russian and international HF-contests, DX'ing, DX'peditions, to his work from primary and secondary contest locations, to antennas, equipment and software used by him.
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Manufacturers : Antenna Analyzers
  • HG7AN Antenna Analyzer - Antenna Analyzer plus 500 is a multifunctional measuring instrument, very useful for amateur radio activity. Its size allows you to easily take it for relocation as well. Frequency range: 100KHz - 500MHz. Access directly via WiFi. Includes a dual-channel signal generator
    [ Hits: 258 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 10 ]
Manufacturers : Antennas : VHF UHF Microwave
  • Antenna Authority - Specializing in an assortment of directional, wideband antennas and other equipment used for radio location
    [ Hits: 484 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 8 ]
Manufacturers : Microwave
  • Laipac Technology Inc. - We are committed to constantly improving our solutions in areas of GPS System, GPS Receivers, GPS Antennas, GPS Dataloggers, RF Modules, Wireless Security Systems, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) for real time and passive tracking
    [ Hits: 1097 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 4.9 ]
Operating Modes : Ham Radio Balloons
  • Radiosonde : how to listen to them - Frequencies and location of every meteo radiosonde launching centres in Europe. Equipments, antennas, history, SondeMonitor and BalloonTrack tutorials
    [ Hits: 747 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 6.67 ]
Shopping and Services : Scanner stores
  • - CB radios and antennas are available online at Everything from police scanners to ham radio antennas in one convenient location.
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Software : Antenna analysis
  • PolarPlot - Freeware antenna software that lets you see what the polar diagram of your rotatable beam actually looks like where it is operating. With PolarPlot you can measure the polar diagram of the antenna and check for abnormalities - compare plots taken before and after changes to the design or location - check the -3dB beamwidth - look at the front to back ratio - see the size and position of the sidelobes.
    [ Hits: 5976 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 5.59 ]
Software : Log Analysis
  • DXView  pop - A free application that displays location information determined from a callsign, displays translations of common "QSO words and phrases" in the languages used in the callsign's DXCC entity, displays beam headings and SpotCollector DX Spots on a world map, displays country maps, and provides point-and-click control of antenna rotators from AlfaSpid, ARSWIN, Heath, Hygain, M2, Prosistel, SARTek, TIC, Trackbox, and Yaesu
    [ Hits: 28528 | Votes: 600 | Rating: 7.4 ]
Software : Satellite tracking
  • HamGPS - Display your current Maidenhead locator with 10 digit precision. It also computes bearing and distance to a set of target locations using locator or latitude / longitude. Useful to align antennas in VHF / UHF / microwave DX activities. No network or fancy maps usage, so it can be used even in remote locations.
    [ Hits: 358 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 7 ]

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