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grounding system

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Antennas : Beverage

  • Beverage Antenna Construction  updated - Types of beverage wires, choose best supports and insulators, multiple antennas at one feedpoint, all well documented with photos and exaustive explanation. This article offers insights on building Beverage antennas for optimal reception. Key takeaways include using strong wire (copperweld or electric fence), proper termination, and a good grounding system (multiple copper rods). The author recommends maximizing antenna length and orienting it towards desired stations. For best results, utilize an antenna tuner and experiment with termination resistors.
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Antennas : Multiband
  • Space-Efficient Excellence: Inverted L Multi-Band HF Antenna - Discovering a solution for limited space, the inverted L HF antenna emerges as a stellar performer. Half the size of a dipole, it ensures optimal installation in restricted areas, maintaining superb transmission (TX) and reception (RX) characteristics. Spectrum Communications' multi-band version, featuring traps, proves even more space-friendly without compromising performance. A fiberglass pole offers sturdy support, while proper grounding, an RF choke, and occasional tuning contribute to a high-performing and reliable antenna system.
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Antennas : Theory
  • Errante's capacitive RF Grounding - This system demonstrates that no galvanic coupling to earth is needed for a proper RF earth grounding
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Manufacturers : Lightning and Surge Protection
  • VFC LP Lightning Protection Products - VFC has grown to become the national leader in the lightning protection industry. Protecting facilities and equipment from lightning and transient current by designing and installing lightning protection, grounding, surge protection and lightning warning systems.
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Technical Reference : Grounding
  • Grounding system - Perhaps one of the most over looked aspects of setting up a listening post is a ground system
    [ Hits: 13170 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 4.66 ]
  • Earth Grounding Construction Materials - Article about types of materials that make the best earth grounding systems
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  • Antenna Grounding System - The antenna grounding system at K3DAV that includes 4 coax lines
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  • Second floor grounding - Solution for stations located at secondo floor or higher. Lead lengths to the grounding system are much too long to provide a low-impedance RF ground.
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  • Grounding HF Transceiver using Coax Cable - Improper grounding or earthing system can cause several unwanted RF interferences (RFI) to television sets, broadcast receivers, hi-fi sets and telephone sets. In this Article the author explain how to setup a proper radio shack grounding using coaxial cable and ceramic disc capacitor
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  • How to Ground an Antenna: aerial earthing - The antenna ground or earth system can be key to its operation whilst also being a key safety feature. This article is about grounding systems for antennas, covering different aspects of grounds made for antenna safety, or expressly for lightning or just to improve antenna performance, being ground an antenna component.
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  • Practical Amateur Radio Grounding - The single point ground in the most important aspect of a good grounding system. The concept behind a single point ground is very simple, keep everything at the same ground potential. Electrical Groundl, Lightning Ground, RF Grounds
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Technical Reference : Lightning Protection Technical Reference : RF Safety
  • Grounding Systems for Hams - Grounding Systems for Amateur Radio Stations, Safety grounds vs. radio frequency (RF) grounds, the practical station ground
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference
  • Stop RFI from Solar PV Systems - Stop EMI RFI Interference in Off Grid Solar PV Systems, in this article the author provides hints on tracking down the EMI or RFI source, shielding and grounding in order to eliminate interferences on the whole HF and VHF ham radio bands
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