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  • HyLaunch - Antenna Launching System - The HyLaunch, Build a Compact, Integrated Antenna Launching System by Bill Jones, KD7S, Getting a portable antenna into the top of a high tree can be a real challenge without the right tools.
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  • Antenna Launching for Serious Practitioners - Over the years, I've been developing a negative relationship with trees. I'm all in favor of trees when they mind their own business in forests. It's when they purport to serve as antenna support structures that things fall apart. Russ AA7QU
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Antennas : 160M
  • Low band antennas for 80 and 160m  pop - Antennas for the Low Bands. Plans and pictures of 80m and 160m antennas, both for transmission and reception built by EI7BA
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Antennas : 40M : 40 meter Magnetic Loop Antennas
  • K9FV 40 meters band loop - A Mississippi Style 40 meter magnetic loop made from available aluminum conduit, this antenna will not disappoint by Ken Holland, K9FV
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Antennas : 6M Antennas : Baluns
  • DIY Basic Electronics and Antennas - DIY Basic Electronic Theory, Basic Antenna Theory with Antennas built from common materials. What does SWR really mean. Baluns from transmission line.
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Antennas : Feed Lines Antennas : HB9CV
  • Swiss Quad for 10 and 6 meters  pop - Based on HB9CV, F6ITV decribes how build a swiss quand antenna for 28 and 50 Mhz.
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Antennas : HexBeam
  • Understanding the Hexbeam - G3TXQ pages focuses on understanding the HexBeam antennas. Basics, dimensions, multi band issues, antenna modeling.
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Antennas : Log Periodic
  • A 5 band log periodic dipole array - Modified version of the Telerana antenna which was orginially featured in the July 1979 issue of QST. The array is suspended within a framework made of fiberglass poles emanating from a central hub with the ends tied together with light weight rope around the perimeter. 10-15-20-30-40 meter band coverage
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Antennas : Theory
  • Integrated Publishing Basics - Radio wave propagation, Principles of transmission lines, Antennas
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  • G5RV Measurements - Measurements and characteristics of a G5RV Antenna, including effect of the transmission line as part of the antenna and contributes in a large way to it's multi band characteristics
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Antennas : Yagi
  • RDF2 two element, close spaced Yagi antenna - This antenna is an adaptation of the RDF2 two element, close spaced Yagi antenna described in the May, 1996 issue of 73 Amateur Radio Today Magazine.
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Manufacturers : Antennas : Military
  • Antenna Products - Antennas cover the RF spectrum from kilohertz to gigahertz and support countless mission critical military, air-sea navigation, ILS and voice-data communications applications.
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Manufacturers : Microwave
  • KEYCOM Characteristic Technologies - Millimeterwave/Microwave transmission lines and components, Cryogenic temperature application transmission cables and systems, Permittivity(Dielectric rate) and Permeabillity measurement systems, Antennas, Radar systems
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Shopping and Services : Electronics
  • DDS Data-Communicatie - Dds data- communication Data and Tele-Communication Solutions: UMTS GSM GPRS Telemetry programmers Adeunis RF systems, antennas, radio transmission modules, oscilloscopes GPS and coax cables dealer in Holland
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Software : Antenna analysis
  • Smith Chart Software - SimSmith is a highly interactive, real time Smith chart graphing program. Circuits are constructed using drag-n-drop. Load files can be imported from the EZNEC and CocoaNEC antenna simulation software and from the AIM4170 and miniVNApro antenna analyzers. Circuits and load files can be of any size. Key Features: SimSmith is one of the few Smith chart packages which models transmission line losses. SimSmith also allows the description of circuit elements using algebraic equations. SimSmith has only one screen and allows the screen to be resized to increase workspace or readability.
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  • XLZIZL by AC6LA - XLZIZL is an Excel application that analyzes the components of an antenna feed system, including transmission lines, stubs, baluns, and tuners. Calculations include impedance transforms, SWR and reflection coefficient, power loss, voltage and current standing waves, stress on tuner components, network attenuation (S21), and return loss Analysis results are available in worksheet format and in five different chart formats, including Smith charts.
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Software : Macintosh
  • Mac Antenna Master - Dipole, Yagi, Vertical, Cubic quad, Log periodic, J-pole, coil, and transmission line design package for the Macintosh
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Technical Reference : Coax Cables and Connectors
  • RF Coaxial Connectors - RF coax(ial) connectors are a vital link in the radio spectrum. Coax connectors are often used to interface two units such as the antenna to a transmission line, a receiver or a transmitter. The proper choice of a coax connector will facilitate this interface.
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