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Antennas : 2M
  • Squarooka Antenna - squared bazooka for 2 meters band - Sort of similar to the one of the 6m omni. Instead of using twin-lead, this design makes use of a more or less regular double bazooka antenna (coaxial dipole). Your attention shall be drawn to the available standart literature, such as Rothammel. In order to "compute" the dimension, Karl Rothammel mentioned that the total length of the dipole shall be 95% of the free-space wavelength. The short-circuit bridges (closing the folded dipole) are to be placed at a distance-fraction being equal to the velocity factor of the coax cable used, which will be 66% using RG-58 or RG174.
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Antennas : 6M : 6 meter Yagi Antennas
  • 3 Element Beam for 50 MHz - A six meter band 3 element yagi beam antenna project with shortened elements using coax cables with the outer ends stripped and the center conductor shorted in somewhat of a Bazooka antenna.
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Antennas : Baluns
  • Making a good balun - The normal way to make a good balun is to wind a core with a bifilar winding about 8-10 turns, and then connect the coax to one side and the antenna to the other.
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  • Common Mode Currents on Coax - These baluns are used to attenuate the common mode current that flows on the outside of the coaxial feed line.
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Antennas : Bazooka
  • KC0KJF Doble Bazooka - The Double Bazooka Dipole is a very efficient single band antenna which is very quite,and does not require the use of a balun. This antenna consists of coax (RG58) with the shield split at the center and the feedline attached to the open ends.
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  • Bazooka Antenne - A bazooka antenna design in German with dimensions for 20m and 40m band with RG174 coax cable stronger than the common RG58
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Antennas : Feed Lines : Choke
  • Chocking the End-Fed Antenna - Stop common-mode current when transmitting with an end-fed antenna. Unbalanced antennas are very prone to currents on the outside of the coax.
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  • Build your own RF-Choke - How to make an effective RF Choke. The coiled coax choke is the easiest to make but also the least effective. This article includes some general guidelines for winding coax chokes on a 10cm PVC pipe using RG-58 or RG-213 coax cable.
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Antennas : Homebrewing Techniques
  • Practical Yagi Building - A practical guide on hombrewing Yagi antennas, including notes on Driven Element, Transformation & Symmetrising Coax Lines, Full Boom length vs. electrical length, Elements & Insulators on Boom and additional tips and tricks, in English and German
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Antennas : Loop
  • Horizontal Loop Antenna Experiments - The HF horizontal loop has been around for many years now. This article includes a YouTube video and discusses the reasons for looking at this antenna, its design, and its installation. There are some on-air comparisons against three regular double bazooka (coax) dipoles and the Par SWL End-Fed antenna.
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Antennas : VHF UHF
  • DIY Dual Band 144-440 MHz vertical antenna  updated - A homemade VHF/UHF vertical antenna made essentially with RG58 coax cable, with a 9 turns choke balun to prevent the shield acting as a RF Radiator.
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Manufacturers : Antennas : HF
  • HyEnd Company - HyEnd is a dutch amateur radio antenna manufacturer. Makers of the popular HyEndFeed Antennas, produce Baluns, bandpass filters and selle Line isolators, coax cables and connectors.
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Manufacturers : Cable and Connectors
  • ABR Industries - ABR Industries Is A Full-Line American-Made Coax (RF) Cable Assembly Manufacturer. Coax Cables, Connectors, Custom Coax Cable Assemblies, Times Microwave LMR-Series.
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Manufacturers : Towers and Accessories
  • KF7P Metalwerks - Metal products manufacturer for Grounding, cable management, surge arrestors, tower accessories, Coax standoff arms for telescoping towers, Safety stand tower platform, Mast steps, tower installation tools
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Radio Equipment : Amateur Radio Accessories
  • Ameritron RCS-10 Review - Review of the Ameritron 8 Antenna Remote Coax Switch with SO-239 connectors on 120V
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Shopping and Services : Regional : Europe : Germany
  • UKW-Berichte Telecommunications - On-line shop for coax cables, RF connectors, Lightning protectors, Create antenna rotators, antenna masts and mounts, amateur antennas by FlexaYagi, Tonna F9FT, ANjo-Antennen and M2 Antennas based in Eggolsheim Germany
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Technical Reference : Antenna Switch
  • Five Antennas Switch Box - A project of a 5 Antennas Relay Switch Box, all Switches & Relays have both contacts wired in parallel to improve reliability of operation, to prevent static build up, when an antenna is not in use the feeder coax is grounded.
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Technical Reference : Coax Cables and Connectors
  • Velocity Factor of Coax Cables - Undertanding the velocity factor in coax cable feed lines. Meaning of the veolcity factor index related to the RF speed of a signal inside the coax cable.
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  • All about coax cables - Coax cable nomenclature, the RG Family, line loss explained, importance of shieding on coax cables, velocity factor explained, and differences among stranded vs solid wire
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  • Coax Loss Calculator Online by K5VR - RF Feedline (Coax and Ladder-Line) Loss and ERP Calculators made with Javascript. This complex feddline loss calculator has already several line types paramenters for most common coaxial cables from Belden, Time LMR, Wireman and other common products. Result will give Matches loss, SWR loss, dB and Watts power loss.
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