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Antennas : 30M

  • Shortened 30m Dipole - This article describes the construction of a 9,50 m long dipole for the 30 m band (10.1 MHz to 10.15 MHz). It was designed to be mounted ca. 6┬ám above ground inside an attic. The calculations were performed by OE1MEW
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Antennas : 40M
  • NVI 40 Meter Antenna Modeling - The idea of using a low mount dipole, enhanced with reflector wires directly beneath the dipole, on the ground, appears to be a very good approach to creating an NVI specific antenna for local HF operation.
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  • 40 Meter Bowtie Antenna - A bowtie antenna is a type of antenna that reputedly provides higher gain at lower radiation angles than a center-fed dipole antenna at heights considerably less than 1/2 wavelength above ground.
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Antennas : Antenna Calculators
  • Online Antenna Calculator - Java script antenna calculators for ground planes, half wave verticals, quad antenna, 5/8th wave vertical antenna, dipole and inverted vee antennas
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Antennas : Baluns
  • Build your own HF balun - A balun is a MUST for dipoles or similar antennas when they are feed with coaxial cable. From the RF point of view, the shield can be modeled as two conductors, the internal shield (the real shield, this is, ground) and the external shield, who is really far to be ground. In this way, your dipole has 3 arms, the two from the dipole and the coaxial cable shield (external face)
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Antennas : Dipole
  • Dipole Height - How High should my Dipole be? Dipole Antennas and the effect of height above ground
    [ Hits: 20475 | Votes: 25 | Rating: 5.57 ]
  • K7MEM - Inverted V Antenna Design - Inverted V antennas is a dipole with the center raised on a mast and the endpoints near ground. Calculate dimensions online.
    [ Hits: 4415 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 6.61 ]
  • Horizontal Half-wave Dipole above a Counterpoise - All antennas that are situated close to the ground are affected by that ground to some extent. This article explain effects and benefits of counterpoise.
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Antennas : Multiband
  • Space-Efficient Excellence: Inverted L Multi-Band HF Antenna - Discovering a solution for limited space, the inverted L HF antenna emerges as a stellar performer. Half the size of a dipole, it ensures optimal installation in restricted areas, maintaining superb transmission (TX) and reception (RX) characteristics. Spectrum Communications' multi-band version, featuring traps, proves even more space-friendly without compromising performance. A fiberglass pole offers sturdy support, while proper grounding, an RF choke, and occasional tuning contribute to a high-performing and reliable antenna system.
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Antennas : Theory
  • Another way to look at vertical antennas - What iss the difference between a dipole and a vertical? Maybe not as much as you think. Come along and try another point of view.
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  • Horizontal Antennas above Real Ground - Antennas are influenced by the effect of the ground and by the type of conductors from which they are constructed. Effects of various types of grounds on a 1.825 MHz horizontal 0.5 wave dipole
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  • Variations on a Dipole - Antenna patterns are all about interference. Presentation on wire antennas for HF bands. Dipoles, horizontal and vertical dipoles, effects of ground on radiation patterns, multi-band wires antennas. Knowing what you should expect from the radiation patterns for waves on your wires will help you choose what will work best for your needs. The principles of interference can lend insight into what to expect from a wire antenna.
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Antennas : WiFi
  • Cloverleaf Antenna - Cloverleaf antenna is a circular polarized antenna which is way better than the cheap dipole antenna that comes with video transmitters and receivers. The Cloverleaf is a closed loop antenna which the signal and ground wires are connected. The cloverleaf antenna has 3 loops at 120 degree apart, and they are titled at 45 degree to horizontal plane.
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Antennas : Wire
  • Dipole Height - How High should my Dipole be? Dipole Antennas - the Effect of Height Above Ground
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