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Antennas : End-Fed
  • Delta Loop vs End Fed Half Wave on 20m - Intrigued by a German OM positive experience with a 20m delta loop, the author replicated the design, noting its favorable 50-ohm impedance compared to their 40m version. Testing against a vertical EFHW, the delta loop excelled within EU but lagged at longer distances. Despite needing more testing, the user leaned towards the EFHW for its overall performance and practicality.
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  • G4WIF End Fed Half Wave Antenna  updated - Opting for a visually appealing inverted L configuration, G4WIF anchors the End Fed Half Wave antenna to an old clothes line pole, seeking cost-effectiveness in their endeavor. Despite initial misconceptions about transformer components, a £7.95 investment in a T240-43 toroid and DIY mounting container resolves the issue. Reflecting on commercial alternatives, G4WIF's homemade solution proves both economical and sufficient for their amateur radio needs.
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  • Multi-Band End-Fed Antenna Design for Limited Space  new - This document details the construction of a multi-band end-fed antenna, suitable for situations with limited space for larger antennas. The design utilizes a 1:49 to 1:60 impedance transformer to match a half-wave wire antenna fed at one end. Compared to a traditional dipole, this antenna resembles a highly unbalanced Windom antenna with one very long leg and a virtual short leg. The design eliminates the need for radials but relies on the coax cable shield for grounding. The document recommends using at least 10 meters of coax and installing a common mode filter at the entry point to the shack for improved performance.
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Antennas : End-Fed : End Fed Half Wave Antenna
  • End fed half wave antenna 40/30/20m - For my SOTA activities, i recently bought a QRP transceiver QRP SW-3B, which is a three-band QRP CW only for 40/30/20 m. So, i needed an antenna that would allow to use these 3 bands in SOTA portable activity. Already having some experience with the EFHW antenna, i decided to build one for 40/30/20m.
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  • End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna for 20m 40m 80m - How to Design and Build a Field Expedient End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna for 20m, 40m and 80m. This Shorty 80m EFHW comprises a 49:1 autotransformer (to match the very high impedance at the end of a half-wave wire), a half-wavelength wire for 40m (also a quarter-wavelength for 80m), a loading coil and a short tail wire. The coil and the short tail wire (about 6 feet) make up the other quarter wave on 80m.
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  • 40m QRO End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler - A medium power End Fed Half Wave Antenna coupler, specifically tuned to the QRP frequency of 7030 kHz. Constructed from coil stock and capacitors, it achieves an impedance ratio of 64:1. The coupler has proven effective for power ranges from 2 to 100 Watts on the 40m band.
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  • Comparing Mobile whip versus EF HW Vertical - PH0NO conducted field tests comparing a mobile antenna (DX-UHV) to an end-fed half-wave wire. Results on 20m showed the end-fed wire outperforming the mobile antenna, with a significant difference in signal strength. On 40m, the end-fed wire surpassed the mobile antenna in spots and reach. While the mobile antenna is more practical, the end-fed wire offers superior performance. Further testing is planned.
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  • Full size 80m End Fed Half Wave Antenna - The author reflects on expanding their antenna for 80m coverage during lockdown. They extend the End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) using a Spiderbeam pole and "cheating" by dog-legging across their garden. Despite challenges, they achieve coverage for multiple bands with minimal cost. Practical Wireless features EFHW antennas, including a pre-made 20m EFHW extended for 40m.
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Antennas : Portable
  • The GAWANT Antenna - The GAWANT Antenna, or Shinagawa Antenna is an half-wave vertical end-fed in a FT817-friendly package
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Antennas : Theory : Impedance matching
  • Performance of 49:1 Ferrite Core Transformers - There are quite a few recipes for building a suitable transformer for an end fed half wave antenna (EFHW), but I was never sure I really understood the main principles. So, I wound a bunch of transformers, made measurements on them using my NanoVNA, learned how to get what I really wanted out of the VNA measurements, and in the process discovered how to build better transformers and be able to predict what they will do
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