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satellite use

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Antennas : Helical
  • Quadrifilar Helix Antennas - The purpose of this page is to provide information and links about Quadrifilar Helix Antennas. It's the best antenna to use for APT satellite reception
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Ham Radio : Personal Pages : USA
  • Radio Amateur W4KWH - Contains information on satellite operation along with various other Ham and non-Ham items including personal privacy issues.
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Operating Aids : Radio Spectrum
  • US Spectrum Requirements - Amateur and amateur-satellite services, current uses of the amateur service
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Operating Modes : GPS
  • Global Positioning System Primer - Welcome to the Global Positioning System (GPS) What is GPS? What is Navigation? GPS Elements Satellites in Space Ground Control Stations and Receivers, How GPS Works - An Amazing System, Military Uses for GPS
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  • GPS Time Series - The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of 24 satellites which is used for navigation and precise geodetic position measurements.
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  • USCG Navigation Center DGPS - Differential Global Positioning Service (DGPS) is a land-based augmentation system that receives and processes signals from orbiting GPS satellites, calculates corrections from known positions and broadcasts these corrections via a Medium Frequency (MF) Transmitter to DGPS users in the Broadcast Site’s coverage area.
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Operating Modes : Internet Linking : EchoLink
  • WB2UZR's Info Page - Useful links to various internet linking and satellite pages.
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Operating Modes : Internet Linking : IRLP
  • Bass Amateur Radio Irlp Group Inc - The bass amateur radio IRLP group node 6391. victoria australia. info IRLP stands for the Internet Radio Linking Project. The aim of this project is to link radio systems separated by long distance without the use of expensive leased lines, satellites, or controllers.
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Operating Modes : Satellites
  • Ham Satellite frequencies - This listing was put together by ve7vdx on the USENET, and is updated weekly there
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  • Automatic Picture Transmission - Automatic Picture Transmission (APT) is used by Satellites to enable a fully automated unattended reception of the transmitted pictures.
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Propagation : Sunspots
  • IonoProbe - Monitors the space weather parameters essential for HF radio, including SSN/SFI, Ap/Kp, X-ray/Proton flux, and Auroral activity. IonoProbe downloads near-real time satellite and ground station data, stores information for future use and displays it in a user-friendly way.
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Software : Satellite tracking
  • Nova For Windows  updated  pop - Real time tracking of an unlimited number of satellites, fast, accurate and easy to use. Automated FTP keps updates. Also support a great number of interface to control rotors azimuth and elevation plus frequency doppler shift. Since 2017 Nova is free to donwload and use. No support is given.
    [ Hits: 27134 | Votes: 61 | Rating: 5.63 ]
  • SAT_EXPLORER - SAT_EXPLORER is a free software for satellite users. It provides very quickly and continuously visibility forcasts as a waiting delay ( satellite will be here IN ...)and a visibility duration (satellite will be visible FOR ...). Ten (and even more) satellites can be monitored simultaneously.
    [ Hits: 4620 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 6.29 ]
  • Satbuster - SATBUSTER for Windows is especially designed for satellite visual observers and trackers. Its users, mainly amateur astronomers and radio amateurs, appreciate both the accuracy and the simple to use graphical interface.The software is aimed to hobbysts. However a growing number of plain folks are starting to use this tool to recognize and look at the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle during its missions too
    [ Hits: 2206 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 4.00 ]
  • PetitTrack - PetitTrack is a satellite tracker for the Sharp Zaurus SL-5x00 Linux PDAs. PetitTrack is based on the keplerian propagator algorithm used in kd2bd's Predict software.
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  • Predict - Satellite Tracking/Orbital Prediction Program an open-source, multi-user satellite tracking and orbital prediction program written under the Linux operating system by John A. Magliacane, KD2BD. PREDICT is free software
    [ Hits: 2164 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 8.25 ]
  • FlyOver - FlyOver predicts satellite fly-over times and helps you spot it. FlyOver uses the same kind of equations that NORAD uses, so it's extremely accurate, too
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Software : Weather and FAX
  • FTV  pop - FTV is an MS-DOS program used to receive images from Weather Satellites and Terrestrial Facsimile Stations, text transmissions from radio telex services, Morse code, as well as Amateur Radio FAX, SSTV, RTTY and CW signals. It can also be used to transmit FAX and SSTV. No external hardware, other than a radio, is required, as all the necessary signal processing is implemented in software.
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  • Satfax - Satellite weather decoding software, designed for those weather monitors who use their ICOM R7000, ICOM R7100 or AOR 3000A
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Technical Reference : Filters
  • Mode J Desense Filter - This type of filter can be used in a Mode J satellite station (uplink on 2m, downlink on 70cm) to reduce the problem of the uplink signal desensing the receiver
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