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Antennas : Dipole
  • T2FD, The Forgotten Antenna - The terminated. tilted, folded dipole T2FD is a little known antenna that performs excellently. Compact in size compared to a half­-wave dipole the T2FD provides signal gain, wide frequency coverage, and exceptionally low noise characteristics.
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Antennas : Receiving
  • Remotely-tuned loop antenna for LW and MW - This article describes how to build a loop antenna for low frequency (LF) and medium wave (MW) reception with remote-controlled tuning. The antenna is extremely sensitive and can be built mostly from parts from old radios and tape recorders. Like all loop antennas, it is highly directional, which allows you to null out unwanted noise sources.
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Antennas : Spiral
  • Petlowany Antennas by K6NO - WorldRadio Article on Petlowany antennas base on this principle: if a length of wire is wound into a spiral-shaped coil and excited by a radio frequency current connected to the innermost portion of the coil, it will then, and only then, exhibit RF characteristics that closely approximate those of a resonant linear wire of the same length
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Antennas : Theory
  • Azimuth Radiation Patterns - Below VHF the change in the radiation characteristics of an antenna will change considerably from frequency to frequency, making antenna selection more complicated.
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  • Earth Systems - In order to resonate at a particular frequency, an antenna needs to be at least one half wave length long. Antennas below a 1/2 wave are dependent on a ground system for resonance as well.
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Antennas : Towers
  • KC1XX Contest Station - Amateur Radio Station owned by Matt Strelow. The station is designed for competition in the multi-operator multi-transmitter category of high-frequency DX contests. Running with 7 towers 6 rotators, 8 beverage listening antennas, and 4 spotting verticals
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Antennas : Windom
  • The FD4 (FD3) Windom Antenna  pop - The 4-band Fritzel model FD4 is a special version of a Windom antenna. It is a half-wave long on the lowest frequency, and is fed from a coax cable through a transformer inserted in the wire at one-third from one end
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DX Resources : Beacons : Beacon stations
  • WA8YWO - High Frequency Expermental Beacon "WV". The Beacon operates on the frequency of 13.55567mhz. This Beacon is very low power. It operates under Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Regulations. It transmits with only 1.5 milliwatts of power
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  • Beacon Station MO 189.5 KHz - This site is dedicated to experimental low frequency operation in the 160 to 190 kHz spectrum. LF beacon MO is no longer active. This page is retained only for reference information.
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Manufacturers : QRP Kits
  • N3ZI Kits - Low Cost Frequency Counter, Digital Display and DDS-VFO kits
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Operating Modes : Longwave
  • Low Frequency operations by W3EEE - A squint at the world of LF This website was initially thrown together to provide ready availability to data being collected from the measurement of a transatlantic LF (Low Frequency) path.
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  • Low Frequency Transmission Modes - Article by W1TAG on operating modes used on low-banding. The 2200 meter band (135.7 - 137.8 kHz) is only 2.1 kHz wide, so voice work on SSB or AM is out. Find out the best modes on LF
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Operating Modes : Satellites
  • How Satellite Doppler Tracking Works - The Doppler Effect allows the distance between a satellite transmitting from space and a radio receiver on the ground to be measured by observing how the frequency received from the satellite transmitter changes as the satellite approaches, passes overhead, and moves away.
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  • WSPRnet Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network - A group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power transmissions. Computer sent/received Morse signals received by amateurs and collected on an online database.
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Radio Scanning : Nature
  • Natural Radio Listening: Streaming Audio - A page about fascinating Very Low Frequency and natural radio, with lots of streaming audio links from remote receivers. Some experimental stereo pairs around the world.
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Shopping and Services : Kits and Components
  • LCD Digital Dial DDS VFO - Low Cost frequency counters and DDS VFO's for QRP and Vintage Radio's. LCD Digital Display, Frequency Counter or DDS VFO
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Software : DSP
  • glfer - glfer is a program for reception and transmission of QRSS/DFCW signals. It is composed of two main parts: the spectrogram window, where you can see the spectrum of the received signal vs. time the transmission functions, to emit cw characters at a slow but precisely controlled speed, using the QRSS (slow CW) or DFCW (Dual Frequency CW) modes
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Software : Filter Design
  • Nuhertz Technologies - Leading supplier of low and high frequency electronic filter design products for the design of wireless telecommunications equipment, semiconductors and more
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Software : PalmOS
  • The KB6IBB Utilities for Palm OS - designed for the ham radio operator or radio scanner hobbyist. It houses four databases that organize your frequency lists. EDACS Trunk - A database that houses the entire EDACS ID table. Conventional - A database that houses lists by channal number. Radio Call Log - A database that allows the user to log calls/notes. Ham Radio Repeaters - A database for ham radio repeaters.
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Software : Pocket PC
  • Ham Fan - A free small database program for Palm OS that allows you to log ham radio contacts. You can log the call sign, name, date, time and frequency of the contact.
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Technical Reference : Amplifiers : HF Amplifiers
  • A LF power amplifier - A Low Frequency (LF) RF Power Amplifier by VK5BR it operates in a linear mode and can handle CW, AM and SSB.
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Technical Reference : Amplifiers : RF Amplifiers Theory
  • Enable Low Cost RF Power Amplifiers - A new paradigm for low cost, reliable RF amplifier ‘pallets’ has been enabled by new circuit design, manufacturing and thermal management techniques
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Technical Reference : Filters
  • 500 KHz Low Pass Filter - This article describes a shielded low pass filter with a cut off frequency of about 500 KHz. It is built with components suitable for receiving, and was designed to use in front of a low frequency receiver for LOWFER work.
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  • W3LPL Receiving Bandpass Filters - Project of receive only filters optimized for minimal loss and very high rejection of frequencies below 75% of the filter center frequency by K1TTT
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Technical Reference : Keyers
  • FM Morse Code Keyer - A simple circuit which will generate a 700 Hz tone into any FM transceiver allowing an amateur to practice CW with another amateur on a 2 meter simplex frequency.
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