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  • Archimedean Spiral Antenna for RTLSDR - Dodgy plans to make Archimedean spiral antenna for RTLSDR software defined radio receiver. Made of two equal lengths of coaxial cable seems to be the easiest circularly polarized antenna to make that will cover a broad range of the rtlsdr dongles E4000 tuners
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  • N0LX Petlowany Antenna Experiment - An attempt to modify and try out the unusual antenna first described by Bill Petlowany, K6NO, in World Radio Magazine
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  • Petlowany Antennas by K6NO - WorldRadio Article on Petlowany antennas base on this principle: if a length of wire is wound into a spiral-shaped coil and excited by a radio frequency current connected to the innermost portion of the coil, it will then, and only then, exhibit RF characteristics that closely approximate those of a resonant linear wire of the same length
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  • Spiral antenna for RTLSDR - A spiral antenna experiment for RTL SDR usage.
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  • Spiral Antenna Theory - Spiral antenna belong to the class of frequency independent antennas. Antennas with a very large bandwidth.
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  • Spiral Dipole Antennas - Experiments with spiral dipole antennas. Includes two spiral antenna designs for 20 and 40 meters band by KN9B
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  • ZMV Spiral antennas - An experimental antenna similar to the TAK spiral antenna was evaluated for SWR response over the frequency range of 7.0 to 7.3 MHz, or the 40-meter band.
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