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Antennas : 80M
  • 80m Inverted-L 12m Spiderpole - An Inverted-L with its long leg sloping to the ground. It will still work very good, even if the horizontal wire has to be sloped diagonally to the ground, as long as you have enough horizontal space to keep it at about a 45 degree angle or more from the pole.
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Antennas : Beverage
  • Beverage Transformers for HF Receiving Antennas - This FAQ covers building and buying transformers for loop-on-ground and Beverage antennas. Building one uses ferrite cores and thin wire. Buying is an option, with the DX Engineering BFS-1 being recommended. These transformers isolate the antenna from the cable to prevent unwanted signal pickup.
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  • An Overview of Beverage Receiving Antennas - This article explores Beverage antennas, a type used for low-frequency radio reception. Despite the mystique, they are relatively simple wire antennas placed near the ground. Their key benefit is improved signal-to-noise ratio by rejecting unwanted signals. While lengthier antennas offer better reception, even shorter versions (around 200 feet) can improve DX reception compared to traditional antennas.
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Antennas : Delta loop
  • 160m Inverted Delta Loop - This 160 meter Delta Loop antenna is made of Hard drawn copper wire AWG 10, the two upper side are 148.5 foot each base wire is 240.9 foot, the feed point at 30.69 foot to one corner, feed with 450 Homs balanced line to an antenna tuner on the ground, then with 50 homs coax to the shack.
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Antennas : End-Fed
  • Multi-Band End-Fed Antenna Design for Limited Space - This document details the construction of a multi-band end-fed antenna, suitable for situations with limited space for larger antennas. The design utilizes a 1:49 to 1:60 impedance transformer to match a half-wave wire antenna fed at one end. Compared to a traditional dipole, this antenna resembles a highly unbalanced Windom antenna with one very long leg and a virtual short leg. The design eliminates the need for radials but relies on the coax cable shield for grounding. The document recommends using at least 10 meters of coax and installing a common mode filter at the entry point to the shack for improved performance.
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Antennas : Receiving
  • HF Receive Antenna - This page describes a couple of parts box medicine bottle antennas that you can build. The ground side of the capacitor is soldered to the ground of the BNC connector. The positive side of the capacitor takes 5 turns around the toroid and is soldered back to itself. The center pin of the BNC connector takes 5 turns around the toroid and then continues on to the wire wound inductor. From there the antenna continues with an attached piece of wire.
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Antennas : Theory
  • Practical Antenna Modeling with 4NEC2 - Presentation about Practical Antenna Modeling Using the NEC Codes with examples of HF wire antennas and 4NEC2. How to define and edit the models, Running the simulations, Work some examples, Variables usage, Deal with Feed Lines and ground
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  • The Weird Antenna Wire End Effect - A half wave wire that is tuned for resonance on 80m will NOT be resonant on 40m despite a precise harmonic relationship between the two bands. The End Effect is caused by a capacitive coupling between an unterminated wire end and the ground.
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  • Variations on a Dipole - Antenna patterns are all about interference. Presentation on wire antennas for HF bands. Dipoles, horizontal and vertical dipoles, effects of ground on radiation patterns, multi-band wires antennas. Knowing what you should expect from the radiation patterns for waves on your wires will help you choose what will work best for your needs. The principles of interference can lend insight into what to expect from a wire antenna.
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Antennas : Vertical Antennas : WiFi
  • Cloverleaf Antenna - Cloverleaf antenna is a circular polarized antenna which is way better than the cheap dipole antenna that comes with video transmitters and receivers. The Cloverleaf is a closed loop antenna which the signal and ground wires are connected. The cloverleaf antenna has 3 loops at 120 degree apart, and they are titled at 45 degree to horizontal plane.
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Antennas : Wire
  • Wire on the Ground: Portable Radio Success with Grasswire Antenna - The author shares a unique experiment with a 200ft Grasswire antenna—laying wire directly on the ground. Despite inherent losses, the setup enables successful radio communication with a Kentucky station, highlighting the antenna's practicality for portable use with minimal power.
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