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Antennas : Antenna Calculators
  • Quad calculator  updated  pop - Cubical quad antenna calculator in java script let you calculate elements size and spacing in inch and meters.
    [ Hits: 60755 | Votes: 437 | Rating: 6.87 ]
  • Bazooka Calculator  pop - Calculate Double bazooka for Win3/Win95 by W4BEJ
    [ Hits: 26570 | Votes: 104 | Rating: 5.41 ]
  • EH Antenna calculator - Calculate eh antenna components dimension with this online form
    [ Hits: 19536 | Votes: 71 | Rating: 5.32 ]
Antennas : EH Operating Aids : Distance & Bearing
  • Distance and Bearing Finder - This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them. It also provides a map showing the two places, using the Xerox PARC Map Server.
    [ Hits: 9418 | Votes: 31 | Rating: 5.39 ]
  • QTH Locator and Calculator - Calculate bearing and distance and Locator online with this Java application, may not work with all browser.
    [ Hits: 6569 | Votes: 250 | Rating: 5.46 ]
Operating Aids : Grid Squares
  • Maidenhead Locator Calculator - On-line calculator for Maidenhead locator calculations. It will work out your Maidenhead locator if you supply it with map references or calculate map references from your locator code.
    [ Hits: 4296 | Votes: 39 | Rating: 5.68 ]
Operating Modes : GPS
  • USCG Navigation Center DGPS - Differential Global Positioning Service (DGPS) is a land-based augmentation system that receives and processes signals from orbiting GPS satellites, calculates corrections from known positions and broadcasts these corrections via a Medium Frequency (MF) Transmitter to DGPS users in the Broadcast Site's coverage area.
    [ Hits: 1866 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 4.5 ]
Software : Antenna analysis
  • J Pole calculator  pop - Enter the operating frequency and calculate dimensions of your jpole antenna
    [ Hits: 47898 | Votes: 166 | Rating: 6.27 ]
Software : Circuit Design Software : Contesting
  • Contest LogChecker - Contest LogChecker is a set of contest tools for Microsoft Windows, combining advanced text editing with keyword highlighted, and the ease and flexibility of import, export, statistics and charting utilities. With LogChecker you can edit, fill in the log, check Cabrillo Format and Header, convert files from the most popular logging software to Cabrillo, print customizable files, calculate statistics and export logs to RTF, PDF or HTML for publishing. You can examine a log in many different ways by highly interactive methods. LogChecker includes a Master Callsign Database tool for managing databases, which have been generated from actual contest logs. Commercial
    [ Hits: 2528 | Votes: 23 | Rating: 9.07 ]
Software : Grid Bearing and Maps
  • Grid Loc - calculate maidenhead grid square and coordinates
    [ Hits: 4391 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 3.88 ]
  • GridX - GRIDX, a BASIC program that calculates grid squares and Great Circle headings and grid.exe, a grid locator calculator
    [ Hits: 3151 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 5.8 ]
  • Radio Distance Software - This is a trivial program which calculates the distance and the bearing between two points. Points are either entered as geogr. data (Latitude/Longitude) or as qth-locator in the Maidenhead format (6 or 8 digits), as used in ham radio. Output is in degrees [°] for bearings, in Kilometer [km], US statute miles [mi] or nautical miles [nm] for distance
    [ Hits: 11056 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 6.29 ]
  • WinGrid - Calculates grid squares from latitudes and longitudes, the reverse, and calculates distances and headings from two sets of lat/long or grid square. Convert Grid Square to Lat Log and vice versa. Freeware for Windows
    [ Hits: 10029 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 5.77 ]
  • HamCalc - Add-in module to Microsoft Excel, contains a set of radio amateur relevant special functions: DistSphericLocator(Loc1; Loc2) Calculates the spheric earth model distance between two locators [km] DirSphericLocator(Loc1; Loc2) Calculates the spheric earth model direction from Loc1 to Loc2
    [ Hits: 2068 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 3.67 ]
Software : Satellite tracking
  • Satellite tracking with GPS - The program calculates the actual position of the satellites using the NORAD 2LINE-element set, which is available via the Internet, for nearly all satellites. The position is then displayed in 3D-view as well as in 2D (mercator) view, where the footprints are also be shown.
    [ Hits: 2793 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 5 ]
  • Ballistic simulator Orbit - Ballistic simulator "Orbit" allows the physical principles of the motion in the gravitational field of the Earth to be demonstrated and learned. You can calculate with this program the ballistic trajectories of the thrown bodies and orbits of spacecrafts and visualize the astroballistic situation on the flat map of the world and on the rotating globe in the real time
    [ Hits: 1772 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 7.33 ]
Technical Reference : Calculators
  • LCF Calculator - LCF online Calculator, calculate relation between Frequency Capacitance Inductance and Reactance
    [ Hits: 2361 | Votes: 31 | Rating: 3.87 ]
Technical Reference : Coax Cables and Connectors
  • Coaxial Cable & Power Handling - This calculator can be used to estimate the attenuation (dB loss), power handling capability, and transmission efficiency for some of the more popular Wireless Communications and MIL Spec cables at the frequency of interest
    [ Hits: 1081 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 8.17 ]

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