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Antennas : Moxon
  • Cebik Moxon Rectangles - The Moxon Rectangle is growing in popularity as a compact 2-element array that approaches a full-size 2-element in gain but with a far superior front-to-back ratio and a direct match for the standard 50-Ohm coaxial cable.
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Ham Radio : Clubs : North America : USA : Arizona
  • WB7TJD Superstition Amateur Radio Club - Superstition Amateur Radio Club: Ham Radio events and activities of the Superstition ARC include promotion of amateur radio amongst the public via licensing classes and radio communication demonstrations, on-air nets and discussion, and the December Hamfest in Mesa, Arizona
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Ham Radio : Clubs : North America : USA : Virginia
  • The Northern Virginia FM Association - Dedicated to providing superior FM repeater service to Amateurs in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.
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Manufacturers : Accessories
  • The BetterRF Company - Dedicated to providing superior products to the Amateur community. screwdriver Control, Icom 7000 and IC 706 tune control, voice and cw keyers for Icom Radios, yaesu tune control.
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Manufacturers : Parts and Surplus
  • FMI - FMI provides superior solutions in the design and manufacture of frequency control devices including Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (VCTCXO), voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO), Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO), crystal clock oscillators, high temperature oscillators, surface mount and crystal oscillator products, phase locked sources and more.
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Operating Modes : QRP
  • Guide to Solar Activity for QRPer - Paul Harden NA5N has produced a superb guide to solar activity and HF propagation for the QRPer
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Operating Modes : Radio Direction Finding
  • A low power 3.5MHz ARDF transmitter - This low power transmitter is developed for ARDF exercising purposes but of course can be used as super QRP transmitter either. With 1 or 2 meter wire as antenna and a ARDF receiver with ferrite-rod antenna the range is about 100m but with better antennas and a 'real' receiver the range is probably much larger.
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Shopping and Services : Accessories
  • Ham Radio Deals - Dealer for Alpha Delta hf antennas, switeches, Outbacker and super antennas, morse code keys, coax cable and military products, managed by W8GEG from Medina Ohio
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Shopping and Services : Test equipment
  • EMF Safety Superstore - The Ultimate Source for Electromagnetic Pollution Detectors, Shielding Devices and Protection Information
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Software : Contesting
  • Super Check Partial Database Files - The Super Check Partial database files provide a list of callsigns used by active contesters. The data comes from Cabrillo logs contributed by contesters themselves. Contributed logs from the past 24 months are used to create the database. These logs are combined and filtered so that they result in a fairly good (but not perfect) list. The files do not contain any QSO data, such as state, CQ zone, Maidenhead Grid Locator, etc. The dta files can be used with CT, WriteLog, TRlog, SD, N1MM Logger, NA, Win-Test, and others
    [ Hits: 1363 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 10 ]
Software : Morse Code Training
  • Super Morse  pop - Super Morse is the original comprehensive Morse Code training program for the PC. Super Morse permits the user to learn the Morse characters in a very orderly way using several different methods, including one unique to Super Morse; build speed with special exercises
    [ Hits: 39224 | Votes: 32 | Rating: 5.85 ]
Software : PSK31
  • MixW More Icons - A collection of extra Icons for the superb MixW programme.
    [ Hits: 1923 | Votes: 20 | Rating: 7.6 ]
Software : Radio Control
  • FT100 SuperControl - CAT control and logging software project especially developed for the YAESU FT-100 transceiver. The program is based on the design of FT847-SuperControl.
    [ Hits: 4880 | Votes: 222 | Rating: 7.72 ]
  • FT1000MP-SuperControl - FT1000MP-SuperControl is a complete CAT control and "better than nothing" logging program, based on the legendary FT847-SuperControl program. The program has been developed especially for the FT-1000MP transceiver series including Mark-V and Field.
    [ Hits: 3832 | Votes: 29 | Rating: 6.8 ]
  • FT857 SuperControl - CAT control and logging software project especially developed for the YAESU FT-857 transceiver. Full control of the trcvr, EEPROM modification, VoIP, TCP/IP remote control, macro CW keyer, visual band scope
    [ Hits: 18842 | Votes: 35 | Rating: 5.67 ]
  • FT897 SuperControl - CAT control and logging software project especially developed for the YAESU FT-897 transceiver. Full control of the trcvr, EEPROM modification, VoIP, TCP/IP remote control, macro CW keyer, visual band scope
    [ Hits: 17010 | Votes: 24 | Rating: 7.91 ]
Technical Reference : Keyers
  • CMOS Super Keyer - Home made keyer with 8 memories, auto spacing, adjustable speed & weighting, separate paddle and key inputs, beacon mode, positive or negative keying, fuse, extremely low power requirements, and a bullet proof housing by AA5TB
    [ Hits: 1863 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 6 ]
Technical Reference : QRP Projects
  • 80m SSB CW QRP superhet transceiver - The 80m SSB & CW transceiver design is based on an already proven concept used in ATLAS amateur transistorised transceivers from 70\'s
    [ Hits: 1503 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 1.67 ]
Technical Reference : Receivers : Regenerative Receiver Technical Reference : Test Equipment : RF Probe
  • Sensitive RF Test Probe - Sensitive RF probe based on the use of a superbright LED by G4TKV
    [ Hits: 919 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 3.5 ]

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