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  • The Field Day Special Antenna - Antenna that's simple, inexpensive lightwiight and easy to install
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  • Line Launcher - The line launcher is a handy tool which is a must-have for anyone who uses wire antennas. It provides an easy way to mount the end of a wire antenna up into a tree. It basically consists of a fishing reel mounted to a slingshot, which is a tried & true design.
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Antennas : 20M
  • W5GI Mystery Antenna  pop - W5GI Mystery Antenna is a multi-band wire antenna that performs exceptionally well even though it confounds antenna modeling software. This antenna covers 80 to 6 meters with low feed point impedance and will work with most radios, with or without an antenna tuner. It is approximately 100 feet long, can handle the legal limit, and is easy and inexpensive to build. It is similar to a G5RV but a much better performer especially on 20 meters.
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Antennas : 40M Antennas : 6M Antennas : Bazooka
  • The Broadband Double-Bazooka - The Broadband Double-Bazooka Antenna ó How Broad Is It? 18-1. (Adapted from Technical Correspon- dence, QST, September 1976) The increasing interest in using the coaxial dipole.
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Antennas : Dipole
  • The Monoband HF dipole antenna - If you are looking for an easy antenna for your favorite band, you can't go wrong with an halfwavelenght dipole, all you need is 3 insulators and some wire
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Antennas : Feed Lines
  • Actual Antenna SWR - Easy for calculate formula which could be a wake-up call for you. The SWR value at the input of antenna cable is not a actual SWR of your favorite antenna.
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Antennas : Helical
  • 13 cm Helix Antenna  pop - Here is the design of a 2.4 GHz antenna that is ideal for amateur satellite communications. This antenna is easy to assemble because the design itself tolerates inaccuracies in the construction without really affecting performance.
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Antennas : Homebrewing Techniques
  • Use of tripods to assemble and balance big antennas - Here is a way to ease assembly and balancing of a large antenna. The elements and boom are assembled separately in most cases. Once they are all together set up 2 tripods in the assembly area and put the boom on them.
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Antennas : Horn
  • A Horn Antenna for 2.4 GHz. - This Antenna is not really practical for AO-40 reception, but horn antennas have a number of qualities useful in microwave antenna testing and noise figure measurements.
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Antennas : Indoor Antennas : Mobile
  • HFPack: pedestrian antennas - A pedestrian antenna is considered to be a lightweight antenna that can easily be carried to the shootout by one person in a backpack or bag.
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Antennas : Receiving
  • SWL Receiving Antenna Ideas - Shortwave radio receiving antenna experiments, on 30 and 40 meters band with pictures, schematics and descriptions.
    [ Hits: 9713 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 8.75 ]
Antennas : Stealth
  • Secrets of a Successful Stealth Operator - N5IW ideas to build your own antenna in a restricted lot, or a stealth antenna. Includes PPT files of HF and VHF stealth antennas.
    [ Hits: 3550 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 5.50 ]
  • The Notebook Antenna - the multiband Notebook Antenna, so called because the entire antenna will fit easily inside a 1" thick 3-ring binder
    [ Hits: 4544 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 6.20 ]
Antennas : Theory
  • Easy way antenna systems - Written by John M. Haerle, WB5IIR (SK). A must read for anyone considering building a good low cost HF multi-band antenna system.
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Antennas : Theory : Antenna Gain
  • CSVHFS Antenna Gain Measurements - The Central States VHF Society has conducted Antenna Gain Measurements since its inception in 1967. Comparisons between commercial and homebrew antennas, between different homebrew designs, and between different commercial designs. Mostly VHF UHF and up antennas.
    [ Hits: 1183 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 10.00 ]
Antennas : Traps
  • Homebrew your own inductors - Cannot find the inductors you need for an antenna, a tuner or amplifier ? Build your own it is easy! Article by W3JIP
    [ Hits: 25349 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 7.46 ]
Antennas : WiFi
  • Dish 802.11 Wireless Networking Antenna - This antenna modification is for the IEEE 802.11b networking protocol that operates at 2.4 GHz. It can be scaled easily to the 5 GHz frequency used by IEEE 802.11a by simply scaling the dimensions on the feed can and the excitation antenna to 2.4/5 = 48% of the dimensions shown above.
    [ Hits: 9127 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 6.29 ]
  • 2.4 Ghz double quad antenna  pop - An easy to build, compact antenna for wireless lan applications that offers a reasonable amount gain.
    [ Hits: 26967 | Votes: 78 | Rating: 5.32 ]
  • DirectionalBiQuad - Seattle Wireless - A biquad is a fairly powerful antenna which is relatively easy to construct, with impressive performance for their size. A link greater than 5 miles can be made with a pair of these as a stand-alone antenna and a Prism2 100mW card, provided you keep coax short, and your line-of-sight is clear.
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Software : Antenna analysis
  • Antenna Model - Commercial software for the analysis of wire antennas. runs under most Microsoft 32-bit Windows operating systemsóWindows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP Analyze most wire antennas in free space, over perfect ground, or over real-world grounds with the conductivity and dielectric constant you specify. You describe the antenna to the program in easy-to-use spreadsheet-style input window
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  • Meter Mate - SWR Graph Software - Meter Mate is a companion utility for your directional watt meter that allows you to calculate the SWR reading when the forward and reflected power readings are measured. In addition to calculating the antenna system SWR Meter Mate will also plot the SWR curves of all of your antennas onto graphs that may be printed out.
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Software : Weather and FAX
  • ATPDEC - Atpdec is an open source program that decodes images transmitted by POES NOAA weather satellite series. These satellites transmit continuously, among other things, medium resolution images of the earth on 137Mhz. These transmissions could be easily received with an inexpensive antenna and dedicated receiver. For more information about receiving POES satellite images consult the rig site.
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