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  • X-Beam antennas - Two element X-Beam is a high-performance broad-band antenna that is ideal for Ham radio operators with limited space. X-Beams are inexpensive and easy to build. The performance of the simple X-beam is amazingly similar to larger, more conventional antennas by 4S7NR
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Antennas : 20M : 20 meter Vertical Antennas
  • Build your own 20m vertical  updated  pop - Build your own 50ohm coax fed 20m vertical antenna, so easy a 9 year old can do it, or at least help! And the budget? You may already have the materials on hand, or worse case spend $15 by Andrew Daniel - KI4QFY
    [ Hits: 28832 | Votes: 36 | Rating: 7.55 ]
Antennas : 2M
  • Slim Jim 2m Vertical - This VHF 145 MHz antenna is easy to build and with no radials. It shows equal gain of 5/8 lambda. It is light weight, you can hang it somewhere (on a tree may be) and work.
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Antennas : 70cm
  • 440 Mhz J-Pole Antenna plans  pop - Here is a 70cm (440 Mhz) J-Pole antenna that is inexpensive, and easy to build. Author use 1/2 inch copper pipe, and the associated fittings necessary. The dimensions aren't typical however, this is what it took to get its SWR low.
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Antennas : Array
  • Hex Array - 80/40 Meter Vertical - This page describes a homebrew 80/40 meter trap vertical antenna. Includes an interesting antenna raising system that allow easy setup and tuning.
    [ Hits: 7041 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 5.00 ]
Antennas : EH
  • The Crossed-Field Antenna - Please be aware this article introduces a completely new concept in antenna theory. In fact, this is considered the most important development relative to antennas in this century. It is so pervasive that a series of articles are required to cover the concept and its applications to the depth and extent it deserves. This is the first publication about the Crossed-Field Antenna
    [ Hits: 1467 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 4.00 ]
Antennas : Feed Lines Antennas : G5RV Antennas : Helical Antennas : HexBeam
  • Hex Beam by K4KIO - This site provides guidelines to build a G3TXQ broad band hex beam RF antenna for the 5 ham radio bands, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. The G3TXQ hex beam is a new development and actually easier to build than the classic hexbeam.
    [ Hits: 5831 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 8.63 ]
Antennas : Homebrewing Techniques
  • Antenna Impedance measurement - When experimenting on an antenna it's often important to determine its feedpoint impedance at various frequencies across the operating band. It's easy enough to measure SWR, but sometimes we need to know more detail than this
    [ Hits: 1233 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 2.67 ]
  • Exploring the secrets of the Smith chart - If you're a Radio Engineer wannabee, you need to understand transmission lines. It's impossible to really understand transmitters and antennas without understanding lines. Using the Smith chart is far easier than really understanding the math by Chris Scott and associates
    [ Hits: 901 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Antennas : J-Pole
  • Emergency J-Pole VHF/UHF Flexible Antenna - This is a flexible antenna that is easy to build, inexpensive and very handy to have in your emergency communications kit.
    [ Hits: 5766 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 5.80 ]
  • J-pole Antenna - J-pole antenna made easy using a twinlead by W4ZT
    [ Hits: 2179 | Votes: 0 | Rating: 0.00 ]
Antennas : Loop Antennas : Sloper
  • Optimizing half-wave sloper arrays for 160 meters - This article presents a 160-meter variation of this family of antennas and, more importantly, a discussion of the details of how to get such a beast working really well.
    [ Hits: 4670 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 7.00 ]
Antennas : Vertical
  • Short radials for ground-plane antennas - Think your elevated radials always have to be full size? N6LF lets you in on some great ideas to lessen the “wingspan” of radials, especially near the beach.
    [ Hits: 1968 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 8.00 ]
Antennas : Wire
  • Portable Wire Antenna - W4ZT used this antenna for Field Day and other portable applications. He built them for all bands between 160 meters and 6 meters. You can make them easily using whatever wire you have available and make the insulators from scrap plastic
    [ Hits: 1745 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 7.00 ]
Antennas : Yagi
  • Tape Measure Antenna - A tape measure beam antenna, optimized for fox hunting with a 7.3 dBd gain
    [ Hits: 391 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 10.00 ]
Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : Icom IC-746
  • ICOM 746 Temperature Measurements - The ICOM 746-Pro has acquired a history of NEC 1678G (IC-151) MMIC and driver transistor 2SK2975 failures. The failure of IC-151 appears to be a combination of ESD damage from electrostatic charge on the antenna entering IC-151, and perhaps thermal heat.
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