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Antennas : 40M : 40 meter Delta Loop Antennas
  • Delta Loop for 40 and 20 meter Band by UR0GT - This wire antenna for 40 and 20 meter band feature a good SWR. Horizontal side of the antenna is placed at two meters above the ground. Impedance of the antenna are depending by the height of the base from the ground and conditions of the ground
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Antennas : 80M
  • Top Loaded Vertical Antenna for 80 Meters Band - Top Loaded Vertical Antenna 3,5 MHz 80m and a 14 MHz Trap for the 20m band. The weight of this portable vertical antenna is less than 1 kg, including the ground network. The weight of the telescopic fiberglass fishing rod is another 1kg. The rod expands from 1.5 meters to 8 meters.
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Antennas : Dipole
  • A 10-6-4 three band dipole antenna - A home made dipole antenna for 10m, 6m, 4m bands made with two sections of 450 and 300 Ohm ladder lines, cut to achieve acceptable SWRs on all bands
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  • Trapped Dipole for 15/20 Meters Bands - An easy to build dipole for 21 and 14 MHz with traps made by two T50-6 toroids cores mounted on a simple PCB foil
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  • Speaker Wire Doublet Antenna - A portable wire antenna for the HF bands, made with a common speaker wire. In its natural form, the speaker wire acts as parallel feed line coming up to the bottom of the PVC feed point. From there, it's split into two wires, one heading out each side of the PVC tee.
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Antennas : Multiband
  • Multi Band Slinky Doublet Antenna - An home made doblet antenna made with two Slinkys that are aproximately five meters in length connected with a twin-feed connected to a balanced ATU
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  • ZS6KMD 20-40m Multiband Dipole - The dipole shown in this document is installed in an inverted Vee configuration, with two leg elements on each side held parallel to each other by 21cm spacers. The upper leg is for 40m and the lower leg for 20m. The spacers are made of 7mm plastic garden hose support for garden sprayers cut to 21cm.
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Antennas : Tuners
  • Z-Match Antenna Tuner - A 100-watt Compact Z-Match Antenna Tuner that can match just about anything on all HF bands, and only uses two control
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Antennas : Yagi
  • 3 Element Yagi Antennas for 144 MHz SSB-CW - A great and efficient monoband VHF portable antenna. The article consist of two version of a 12.5 Ohm 3 elements yagi beam antenna plans for the two meter band, a full sized and a shortened version expecially designed for the SSB and CW on 144 MHz.
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CB Radio : Clubs
  • MCBRN Michigan Citizens Band Radio Network - MCBRN Michigan Citizens Band Radio Network a volunteer group/organization for maintaining two way communications during an emergency, crisis, disaster, or blackout, using CB FRS MURS and WiFi. Includes plans, message relay services, neighborhood watches, large events, encampments and gatherings.
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DX Resources : Clusters : Mobile DX Cluster
  • Live DX Cluster M0NWK - View real-time spot information by band for active amateur radio operators around the world via the DX Cluster network, taking raw data from a JSON API made available by
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Operating Modes : HSMM
  • The Mesh Node - A technical explanation of what is a mesh node in HSMM-Mesh HamNet, with explaination of specific roles of each network interface
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  • Broadband Hamnet Network - The availability of low-cost, ready made 2 GHz hardware and the project at Broadband Hamnet dot org, make it unthinkable that the amateur radio community NOT take advantage of broadband ad-hod TCP/IP networks!
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  • The European HAMNET - A presentatio about the European HamNet, a large scale high speed amateur radio multimedia network based on commercial wireless devices using mainly the 6cm band
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Operating Modes : NPR New Packet Radio
  • New Paket Radio: Hamnet over 70cm by EA4GPZ - An introduction to NPR by Daniel Estevez. In this blog article Daniel EA4GPZ / M0HXM, introduce the new IP communication protocol over the 70 cm amateur radio band. Daniel is an experienced operator on IP on 430 MHz with CC1101 and Beaglebone black project and makes a good comparison of the two projects.
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Operating Modes : Radio Direction Finding
  • ARDF Equipment Ideas - RDF Equipment Ideas for VHF Foxhunting and Radio-Orienteering. This information is primarily for the Amateur Radio two-meter band
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Software : Antenna analysis
  • Antenna Calculation Software - The program consists of tabbed pages for various antenna and transmission line calculation. You can compute the values for an inverted L network that will allow you to match the 50 ohm output of the radio, or you can compute the necessary length in the units of choice for a 5/8 wave vertical for 10 meter band.
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Software : iPhone : DX Cluster
  • DXWatch App for iPhone - This is the official App of the popular DX Web Cluster DXWatch. You can follow amateur radio DX spots trough the world wide DX cluster network filter by band. Available for iPhone and iPad
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Technical Reference : Receiver Front-End Protector Technical Reference : Vector Network Analyzer
  • miniVNA PRO Modifications - The mini Radio Solutions miniVNA PRO is the only affordable vector network analyser (VNA) I know of that offers remote wireless operation. This is very interesting because it allows to measure the input impedance of HF antennas installed at height without having to deal with coax cable lengths, baluns nor common mode suppression chokes. However, to render the miniVNA PRO truly field proof, it requires a number of significant modifications.
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