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Antennas : Theory
  • Five eighths wavelength vertical antenna - The basics of a five eigths wavelength vertical antenna, a form of RF antenna widely used for mobile radio communications applications
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  • Antenna resonance and bandwidth - About antenna or aerial resonance and bandwidth and the impact of RF antenna resonance and bandwidth on radio communications systems.
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Antennas : Towers
  • Communications Towers - Basic information about tower purchasing and installation will help you to communicate your requirements to a tower manufacturer, leading to better decisions and a smoother process from inception to installation.
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Antennas : Vertical
  • Quarter wave vertical antenna - About the basics of the quarter wave vertical and ground plane antennas that ares widely used for medium wave broadcasting, mobile radio communications applications and many more.
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Antique Radios : Collections
  • AR88 page - This model was introduced in the early 40's to replace or augment the HRO in applications demanding a more onerous duty than basic operational point-to-point communications such as intercepting coded axis radio messages during WWII.
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Ham Radio : Exams : Study Guides
  • Basic Ham Radio Course - Power Point Presentations by the Toronto Emergency Communications (EmComm) Group represent an aide to train interested volunteers in becoming Amateur Radio Operators.
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Operating Aids : Beginner's Guides
  • Getting Started on RTTY - A complete guide to start using MMTTY to start trasmitting in RTTY. This is a basic but complete RTTY guide for those who want to quickly start RTTY communications.
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Operating Modes : Meteors
  • Meteor scatter or meteor burst communications - A summary, overview or tutorial covering the basics of Meteor Scatter or Meteor Burst Communications, a form of radio signal propagation often used at VHF.
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Propagation : Resources
  • Ground Wave Signal Propagation - Article on propagation basics. The ground wave used for radio communications signal propagation on the long, and medium wave bands for local radio communications
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Radio Scanning : RailRoad
  • Railroad radio communications - Some basic information on ways to use a radio scanner to enhance your enjoyment of the railroad hobby.
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Technical Reference : Batteries
  • Batteries for Emergency Communications - The purpose of this paper is to provide a basic understanding of the different types of batteries available on the market today so the reader can make an educated decision about what type of battery will best meet their needs for Amateur Radio emergency communications Brett Hammond - KB3HGP
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Technical Reference : Lightning Protection
  • Station Lightning Protection - This website outlays the basic knowledge, safe design and installed equipment that are employed in the lightning protection system of a US Coast Guard Auxiliary Radio Facility. This should also be relevant to the Civil Air Patrol, MARS, and Amateur Radio stations who provide emergency communications capability for public safety or the military
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Technical Reference : Receivers
  • Radio receiver dynamic range - The basics of radio receiver dynamic range performance used for specifying the performance of radio receivers used in radio communications systems.
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Technical Reference : Spectrum Analyzers
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