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Antennas : 6M : 6 meter J-Pole Antenna
  • The Ugly MacGyver 6 meter J-pole Antenna - Essentially, a J-pole is a 1/2 wave resonant antenna connected to a quarter wave matching stub. The feedline is connected at a point on the matching stub that is at the feedline's characteristic impedance. The result is 3/4 of a wavelength on one side and 1/4 wavelength on the other side.
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Antennas : Baluns
  • Common Mode Currents on Coax - These baluns are used to attenuate the common mode current that flows on the outside of the coaxial feed line.
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  • Unun vs Balun - Configurations and differences - If you ever asked if you need an Unun or a Balun this article is for you. The right question should be do I need a feed line choke or an impedance transformer whose output is configured as balanced or as unbalanced. An impedance transformer can be configured as a voltage transformer or as a current transformer.
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Antennas : Dipole
  • Speaker Wire Doublet Antenna - A portable wire antenna for the HF bands, made with a common speaker wire. In its natural form, the speaker wire acts as parallel feed line coming up to the bottom of the PVC feed point. From there, it's split into two wires, one heading out each side of the PVC tee.
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Antennas : Helical
  • Helical Antennas -Theory - Helical antenna or helix antenna is the antenna in which the conducting wire is wound in helical shape and connected to the ground plate with a feeder line. It is the simplest antenna, which provides circularly polarized waves.
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Antennas : J-Pole
  • J-pole antenna Calculator - Online calculator for J-Pole antennas. The J-pole antenna consists of a short and a long vertical pole with a feed point near the bottom. The antenna looks like the letter J, hence the name J-pole antenna.
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  • Exploring The J-Pole Antenna - The J-Pole antenna is a common omnidirectional antenna used in amateur radio, particularly on the VHF and UHF bands. This article is an attempt to explore how the J-pole antenna transforms feed-line impedance to free-space impedance, all the while providing gain found only in the more expensive commercial products.
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Antennas : Theory
  • Practical Antenna Modeling with 4NEC2 - Presentation about Practical Antenna Modeling Using the NEC Codes with examples of HF wire antennas and 4NEC2. How to define and edit the models, Running the simulations, Work some examples, Variables usage, Deal with Feed Lines and ground
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Technical Reference : Coax Cables and Connectors
  • Velocity Factor of Coax Cables - Undertanding the velocity factor in coax cable feed lines. Meaning of the veolcity factor index related to the RF speed of a signal inside the coax cable.
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  • Coax Loss Calculator Online by K5VR - RF Feedline (Coax and Ladder-Line) Loss and ERP Calculators made with Javascript. This complex feddline loss calculator has already several line types paramenters for most common coaxial cables from Belden, Time LMR, Wireman and other common products. Result will give Matches loss, SWR loss, dB and Watts power loss.
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Technical Reference : Radio Frequency Interference
  • Cost-effective ferrite chokes and baluns - In this article the author describes some new designs of ferrite loaded chokes for suppressing unwanted common mode currents at HF applied to feed lines like choke baluns, but also in the shack, applied to various coaxial, mains and data cables
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Technical Reference : SWR Meters
  • SWR and Amateur Radio Antenna Tuners - Undestanding and measuring SWR, Standing Wave Ratio in antenna feed lines. This article also introduce basic concepts and usage guidelines of amateur radio antenna tuners
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