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Antennas : 160M
  • The 160M No Excuses Homebrew Vertical - This antenna is designed for stations having a difficult time putting a decent signal on 160M from small or CC&R d lots. It is a 24.5 ft. vertical antenna, made from three 10 ft. PVC sections bolted together, and half wavelength of antenna wire helically wound around the PVC sections.
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  • 160m Kite Vertical Antenna - An essential kite antenna plan for the top band, Antenna has been tested at half wave and quarter wave.
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Antennas : 17M Antennas : 30M
  • A 30 Meter Sloping Dipole Antenna - This variation of the basic horizontal, half wavelength flat top dipole has proven to be a simple, effective antenna suitable for both home and portable use.
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Antennas : 60M
  • 60 Meter EF-HW antenna - 60 Meter End Fed Half Wave Antenna Tuner with large pictures of the 5 MHZ antenna tuner
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Antennas : Dipole
  • The Short Dipole - There are several ways to reduce the length of a dipole and still use it as an effective antenna. Remember it is the electrical length that determines resonance. The physical length can be considerably less than a half wave length on your desired frequency as determined by 468/f MHz.
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  • The half-wave dipole, your first antenna - Construction tips of a basic wire antenna, the half wave dipole. Inverted V dipoles and effects of inverted v on radiation pattern.
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Antennas : End-Fed : End Fed Half Wave Antenna
  • QRP Multi-band EFHW antenna for SOTA - Link End Fed Half Wave Antenna and Tuner for SOTA designed to work on 15m, 20m, and 40m.
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  • Yet Another EFHW Matcher - An end-fed-half-wave antenna matcher project based on a FT-82-43 core with a 100 pF and 45 pF capacitor in parallel
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  • End-Fed HalfWave Matching Unit for SOTA operations - An end-fed half wave antenna matching unit made of 3:24 turns ratio on a FT140-43 toroid with a 150pF capacitor across the input.
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  • End Fed Half Wave Antenna Coupler - A home made end-fed half-wave antenna coupler with antenna lenght calculator and counterpoise calculator based on center frequency. Includes pictures and drawings along to antenna homebrewing instructions with a home made on air wound transformer
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  • EFHW autotransformer comparison - Two different ways to create autotransformer for end fed half wave wire antennas, by using ferrite or air core.
    [ Hits: 509 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 2 ]
  • The End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna - Presentation - A very well done presentation about End-Fed Half-Wave antennas. This PDF document contains a summary of experiences in how to build custom EFHW antennas. Includes an interesting comparison table of UnUn configurations with recommended toroids, Wire size, turns and capacitors. An useful recap on common errors in building homebrew EFHW Ununs completes the document.
    [ Hits: 397 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 8.67 ]
  • End Fed Half-Wave Antennas - An interesting article on end fed half-wave wire antennas with a couple of original experiments. Author illustrate the role of the QRP matchbox, and a 40/20 meter antenna with a center stub making it a large bandwidth antenna for 40 and 20. Includes also an 80/40 end fed with the typical coil to make it available on 80 merts band.
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Antennas : Fan Dipole
  • Half Wave Fan Dipole Antenna - Amateur Radio 40m 20m 15m Half Wave Fan dipole antenna project with part list, pictures and drawing. Includes the option to expand the antenna to cover the 80 meters band
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Antennas : J-Pole
  • Improving the Super-J - The collinear J-Pole, often known as the Super-J, does improve the behavior over a regular J-Pole. As many attest, there is an advantage when vertically combining 1/2 radiating sections to have a bit of separation between the half-wave end points. The Super-J has very little separation between the two half-wave radiators.
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Antennas : Portable
  • Portable wire antennas - This document describe serveral wire antennas, from the folded dipole, to the common halfwave monoband antenna for those who want to make HF portable operations in holiday.
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Antennas : VHF UHF
  • ZigZag Antenna - VHF/UHF unconventional antennas - An unconventional antenna family, the VHF/UHF Zigzag Dipole Antennas. Design, theory and practical construction, transformation and balancing with a half wave balun.
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Antennas : Vertical
  • The C-Pole Antenna - C-Poles for 20m and 6m, it is a folded half-wave dipole with an asymmetrical tapped 50-Ohm-point in the lower part of the antenna. Design hints by DK7ZB
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Antennas : Wire
  • HF Wire Antennas for Field Day - Dipole antennas, vertical half-wave dipole antennas with impedence tranformes that can be used for portable operations. Some well worn antenna configurations are the easiest and loudest lash-ups you can try.
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