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Antennas : Magnetic Loop

  • Automatic Magnetic Antenna Tuner - A Magnetic Loop Antenna is a resonant circuit employing a large inductor and adjustable capacitor. Efficiency depends on the inductor's size relative to wavelength. A Magnetic Loop Controller adjusts antenna tuning in real-time, syncing with Transceiver VFO movements. It communicates with various radios, enabling seamless tuning. Stepper motor resolution ensures accurate capacitor positioning, crucial for antenna performance. The Controller's firmware offers diverse functionality, enhancing user experience and antenna efficiency.
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Manufacturers : Interfaces
  • Digirig Mobile - Digirig is an open-source integrated digital modes interface for amateur radio. As a differentiating feature, Digirig only requires a single USB connection to the computer with all the digital goodness packed in a single small enclosure. The internals include a USB hub, audio codec, a fully featured serial CAT (Computer Aided Transceiver) interface, and potentially other modules such as GPS receiver for time synchronization.
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Operating Modes : International Space Station
  • Real time satellite tracking - Ground tracks are the trace of the satellite's path over the ground. Amsat, ISS, geosynchronous satellites, navigation satellites, weather satellites, Iridium satellites, visible Satellites. Requires Java
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Operating Modes : Weak Signal
  • GPS time sync for modern digital modes - As FT8, JT65 and JT9 are a time synchronized protocol, one soon discovers that an accurate PC clock is very important. If your workstation time is off it can cause you to send when no one is listening, or to listen when no one is sending.
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Shortwave Radio : Broadcasters : Time Signal Radios
  • DCF77 - DCF77 is a time signal transmitter operated by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). It broadcasts on a frequency of 77.5 kHz and is widely used for time synchronization in Europe.
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  • JJY - JJY is a time signal transmitter operated by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan. It broadcasts on two frequencies, 40 kHz and 60 kHz, and is used for time synchronization in Japan.
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  • CHU - CHU is a time signal transmitter operated by the National Research Council in Canada. It broadcasts on various frequencies and is primarily used for time synchronization in North America.
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Software : Android
  • NCDXF Beacon for Android - NCDXF Beacon is a simple tool to monitor the NCDXF beacons on the Ham Radio bands 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m and 10m. Upon start the the time will be synchronized with an NTP server.
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  • BktTimeSyncPhone - BktTimeSyncPhone synchronizes the PC time using the smartphone GPS connected via Bluetooth. Great for use with digital modes like FT8, JT65, JT9, JS8Call and others, especially when you do not have internet connections. To run this program, you need to install BktTimeSyncServer on your PC and the BktTimeSyncAndroid app on your smartphone. The program works with all versions of Windows 32 or 64 bit and requires Java version 8 or higher. The app requires an Android smartphone version 4.4 or higher.
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Software : Legacy Systems : PalmOS
  • PortaLog - "Optimized for mobile, portable, and field operations; synchronizes with popular desktop logging programs. Anywhere, anytime - always have your logbook handy. For Palm OS"
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Software : Software Defined Radio
  • CATSync - The CAT Tool for WebSDRs. Allows to control public WebSDR receivers with a real rig connected via CAT control to your computer. It supports the classical WebSDR as well as Kiwi SDR interfaces Tune the VFO of your radio and see the web SDR follow in realtime
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Software : Time
  • JTSync - JTSync is a simple utility that provides the ability to synchronize your computer clock over a network with world-wide NTP servers. When the Internet connection is not available, JTSync allows you to make time adjustments based on decoded QSOs within the WSJT-X application.
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  • NetTime for Windows - NetTime is a simple and free software to sync your computer clock via internet. Very useful tool for FT8 FT4 operating modes.
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  • BktTimeSync - BktTimeSync synchronizes the PC time using an internet time server (NTP server) or a GPS receiver connected to USB, serial port or Bluetooth. Great for use with digital modes like FT8, JT65, JT9, JS8Call and others. For the operation of this program requires an active internet connection or a GPS receiver. This program works on all versions of Windows 32 or 64 bit
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  • Time-Sync for Windows - Time-Sync is a freeware software to synchronize the time of your system. Time-Sync is installed as a service, the configuration is very easy for each user and can be done in a few steps. Up to five redundant time servers can be configured.
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  • GPS2Time  updated - A means of sync-ing your computer clock using a GPS Receiver. GPS2Time is another GPS network time synchronization software application for Window 7 and higher. Freeware.
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  • ToyNtp - ToyNTP is a simple freeware time server for Windows that implements the SNTP protocol and uses a GPS receiver, Garmin GPS 18x LVC, as time reference. ToyNTP was designed to be used with Faros in the locations where access to the SNTP servers on the Internet is not available, but it may be used for other purposes as well, in particular, it may be configured to keep the PC clock synchronized to a GPS receiver.
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  • Icom ST-4003 Time Sync software - Adjust date and time of your Icom transceiver from a Windows PC. Compatible with IC-705, IC-7100, IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-7600, IC-7851 (7850), and, IC-9700
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  • A Guide for Seamless FT8 Operation - Time Sync - N6CTA provides a comprehensive tutorial on manually configuring NTP synchronization for Debian Linux, ensuring accurate system time for FT8 and other amateur radio modes. The guide covers updating the system, installing and enabling NTP, verifying the timezone, and using the iputils-clockdiff tool for precise time comparison. A script is included to check and sync system time, enhancing the performance of synchronous modes like FT8.
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