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Antennas : 160M
  • 160m portable vertical antenna - The Shoddytenna is a 160 meters band vertical antenna intended for portable use. This antenna takes just 15 minutes to erect on site, can be carried by hand and is ideal for local groundwave work.
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Antennas : 2M
  • Make your own 2 metre 5/8 whip antenna - This article is about a home made project of a whip antenna for 2 meters band. Includes lenght of whip for all frequencies from 140 MHz to 151 MHz both in mm and inches
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Antennas : Antenna Calculators
  • Magnetic Loop Antenna Calculator Spreadsheet - Excel spreadsheet that help calculating dimensions of a high efficiency magnetic loop antenna for HF bands. Giving in input the loop perimeter, loop diameter and loop conductor will calculate electric characteristics, bandwidth, and efficiency
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Antennas : End-Fed
  • Multi-band End-Fed Antenna - An excellent guide to homebrewing multi band end-fed antennas. The article, embed several drawings including diagrams and detailed pictures, illustrating the basic funcionality of end-fed antennas. The author gives some basic hints on how to build a half size antenna for 80 40 to 10 meters and a 6 meter to 40 meter configuration. It is also well described how to build the impedance transformer and the loading coils for lower bands.
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Antennas : End-Fed : End Fed Half Wave Antenna
  • End Fed Antenna with a 1:64 Matching Network - In this experiment the autor is going to explore the use of a 1:64 matching network on the End Fed Long Wire Antenna. Experiment will consist in build a 80-40-20-15-10 meter End Fed Long Wire Antenna with a 1:64 matching network from the documentation available on the internet
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Antennas : J-Pole
  • J-Pole Construction Drawings - Complete plan for making a 2-meter J-Pole antenna. This drawing in PDF File includes a detailed list of the parts needed to assemble the Jpole antenna for 144 MHz.
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Antennas : Portable
  • Balcony Mounted Buddistick Antenna by KP4MD - The antenna handles 250 watts and covers 40 through 10 meters, with an optional add on coil for 80 and 60 meters. The author in this pages includes an interesting video in which describes the antenna setup, and the importance of the shunting coil on lower bands like 40 and 80 meters. SWR curves diagrams are also included and demonstrate the influence on resonating frequency of the shunting coil.
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  • ZR6KMD 20m Field Dipole  updated - A simple drawing schematic of a portable field dipole for 14 MHz with dimensions in meters and instruction for setting up the antenna and to store the radial for easy transportation
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Antennas : Receiving
  • Top Band Receive Loop Antenna - In this article the author shows the receiving loop antenna for 160 meters band installed at his QTH. Diagram and movie available. Article in in Turkish but can be translated in english
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Antennas : Tuners
  • F5RDS remote antenna tuner - An home made remote antenna tuner project that with a 6 meter random wire and two radials of about the same length, can tune from 40 to 10 meters without any issue.
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DX Resources : Contest
  • World Wide Digi DX Contest - World Wide Digi DX Contest 2019 The contest will occur over 24 hours on August 31 and September 1, 2019 using the FT4 and FT8 modes on the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10-meter bands.
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Manufacturers : Transceivers
  • PolEx Technologies - Makers of the The Polar Explorer transmitter, which operates on 9 HF bands from 160 through 10 meters and is capable of 500 watt peak output power on SSB, CW, AM, FM and RTTY. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a transceiver.
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Radio Equipment : HF Amplifiers : Ameritron AL-811
  • Ameritron AL-811 Panel Meter Lights - A solutiom for the Ameritron AL-811(H) RF power amplifier, burnt panel meter lights. A common failure with the Ameritron AL-811 and similar amplifiers is that the panel meter lights burn out prematurely. These bulbs are usually integrated into the actual panel meter. The solution for this is to provide the meter backlighting with LEDs.
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Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : ICOM IC-756
  • ICOM 756 and 756PRO  updated - Ini this article the author compare the Icom 756 and Icom IC 756 PRO. Comparison is very detailed and includes S Meter Calibration, Microphone Gain, Transverter Jack, the noise blanked, the spectrum analyzer, audio quality, notch filter, compression meter, noise reduction, sensivity and filter settings along to many other features making this article a must for who want to compare this two models
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Software : Circuit Design
  • Online Coil Inductance Calculator - This online calculator will return the inductance of a coil. It will ask you the total number of turns, the total diameter of the coil and its lenght, from the first winding to the last. Obtaining the correct inductance in winding a coil can be easy if you already know how many turns are needed. Available in inched and centimeters,
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Technical Reference : Amplifiers : VHF Amplifiers Technical Reference : Software Defined Radio
  • RADIG Hombrew Software Defined Radio Project - A new SDR radio concept developed by N6QW as an experimental 5W SDR transceiver for the 40 meter bands. Radio and Rig (RADIG) is a term conied by the author.
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Technical Reference : Standing Wave Ratio
  • Measuring SWR at 1296 MHz - Have you been looking for an easy way to measure power or SWR at 1296 MHz? One thing is certain, it is not easy - simply because the normal range of SWR meters that most of us have is not up to 1300 MHz.
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