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Antennas : 20M : 20 meter Dipole Antennas
  • Vertical Dipole Antenna for 14 MHz by G3PND - An home made vertical dipole antenna made with simple material. The antenna has a total length of aproximately 16 feet. In this article appeared on June QST 2019, the author explain how he reached the optimal confirugation changing and adjusting the lower part of the antenna, trimming and spacing correctly the copper wire. PDF File to downloas
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Antennas : 40M : 40 meter Vertical Antennas
  • A very efficient half size 40 meter Vertical Antenna - A vertical antenna project for the 7MHz made with some spare parts. Based on a broken 20 foot fishing pole, it is based on a good ground system made with radials and a capacitive hat done to increase the global radiation resistance of the antenna. A custom loading coil is also included in this project to perfectly tune the antenna to the CW portion of the 40 meters band.
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Antennas : 6M : 6 meter J-Pole Antenna
  • The Ugly MacGyver 6 meter J-pole Antenna - Essentially, a J-pole is a 1/2 wave resonant antenna connected to a quarter wave matching stub. The feedline is connected at a point on the matching stub that is at the feedline's characteristic impedance. The result is 3/4 of a wavelength on one side and 1/4 wavelength on the other side.
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  • 50MHz / 6m J-pole Antenna by VK4ADC - The J-Pole is an easy-to-build and inexpensive device that provides an omni-directional vertically polarized antenna without the need for a ground plane. In technical terms, it is an end fed vertical 1/2 wave which is fed via a 1/4 wave matching stub.
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  • Simple 50MHz J-Pole Antenna EA7AHG - Based on the popular DK7ZB simple 50 MHz Jpole antenna, this customized jpole project has been analized with MMANA-GAL and reproduced for six meters, two meters and 70 cm bands.
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Antennas : 6M : 6 meter Moxon Antennas
  • Building the 6 Meter Moxon Antenna - A moxon antenna for the 50 MHz build with 19 feet of 14 AWG copper wire, and based on a set of PVC pipes. This is an easy to build project that will give you an efficient directional antenna on 6 meters band with low SWR on more than 1 MHz bandwidth.
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Antennas : 80M
  • Shortened 80m Antenna - An antenna for 80 meters band for those who does not have enough space to setup a halwave wire dipole that is aprox 130ft or 40 meters. The antenna is an open-wire-fed shortened dipole
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Antennas : Dipole Antennas : Folded Dipole
  • Folded Dipole Antennas - The folded dipole antenna or folded dipole aerial is widely used, not only on its own, but also as the driven element in other antennas like the Yagi antenna and various other types of antenna. Folded Dipole Myths, Bandwidth and details on folded dipoles
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Antennas : J-Pole
  • J-Pole Construction Drawings - Complete plan for making a 2-meter J-Pole antenna. This drawing in PDF File includes a detailed list of the parts needed to assemble the Jpole antenna for 144 MHz.
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Antennas : Lindenblad
  • Build a twin-lead Lindenblad Antenna for 70cm and 2m - This document contains the detailed instructions to build a homemade lindenblad antenna using a twin-lead as dipole elements. This document contains 9 pages and includes a detailed construction sequence and some drawings to build this antenna for UHF and VHF ham radio bands
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Antennas : Multiband
  • ZS6KMD 20-40m Multiband Dipole - The dipole shown in this document is installed in an inverted Vee configuration, with two leg elements on each side held parallel to each other by 21cm spacers. The upper leg is for 40m and the lower leg for 20m. The spacers are made of 7mm plastic garden hose support for garden sprayers cut to 21cm.
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  • Multiband trap dipole - This antenna is a classical antenna working on 7,10,14,18,50 MHz is implemented with three traps for 30, 17 and 6 meters
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Antennas : Portable
  • ZR6KMD 20m Field Dipole - A simple drawing schematic of a portable field dipole for 14 MHz with dimensions in meters and instruction for setting up the antenna and to store the radial for easy transportation
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DX Resources : Nets
  • How to be a net control operator - A great way to provide a public service and maintain your skill as an operator is to be a net control station. Being net control is rewarding and not overly difficult.
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Manufacturers : Transceivers
  • PolEx Technologies - Makers of the The Polar Explorer transmitter, which operates on 9 HF bands from 160 through 10 meters and is capable of 500 watt peak output power on SSB, CW, AM, FM and RTTY. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a transceiver.
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Technical Reference : APRS Technical Reference : Coax Cables and Connectors Technical Reference : HF Radios
  • PT40 7 MHz Transceiver by AA3SJ - Home made 40 meter transceiver project. The receiver is a Progressive Receiver with a few modifications. The Transmitter is a modified MFJ Cub circuit. Includes schematic and circuit diagrams for Receive Input Filter, 3-Pole 500 Hz Cohn Filter and 7 MHz Double Tuned Bandpass Filter
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