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Antennas : Tuners
  • Budget-Friendly QRP T-Tuner and SWR Bridge - In the pursuit of an affordable matching and SWR indication solution for the Pixie-based transceiver system this T-Tuner and SWR bridge unit, while not groundbreaking, proves to be a cost-effective performer. With real-world impedance testing yielding a worst-case loss below 0.9 dB, the unit efficiently matches all bands on 80 M to 10 M ham bands, making it a valuable addition to the QRP system.
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DX Resources : Contest : Contest Results
  • Unearthing VHF Contest Secrets: An In-Depth Analysis - In this article, authors delve into the inner workings of the IARU R1 VHF contest, the world's largest 2m contest. While activity levels are declining, the top performers consistently maintain their results. Authors explore the physical constraints of achieving higher point totals and speculate on various factors like improved technical capabilities, increased interference, and evolving station setups. It is a fascinating journey into the contest's dynamics, leaving room for intriguing speculations about its future.
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DX Resources : Contest : Contest Rules
  • International SWL DX Contest 2023 - The international SWL Contest is oen to SWL all over the world. You can use a real radio receiver or a kiwi or web SDR. We have many sponsors who will give nice gift for best listeners of AM radios on SW and MW.
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DX Resources : DX Maps
  • HF DXView Propagation Map - This map shows real-time radio propagation from stations operating on 11 bands between 1.8 and 54 MHz in the amateur radio service. The display shows world-wide activity from the last 15 minutes and is automatically updated about every minute. Data for the map is gathered from several online sources: WSPRnet, Reverse Beacon Network (CW, FT4, FT8), PskReporter, and DX Cluster.
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Ham Radio : Blogs : Europe
  • DX EXPLORER - Step Into The Amateur Radio World - DX Explorer is a blog tailored to amateur radio enthusiasts, with a special focus on DIY radio equipment. Geared towards beginners, the author shares their learning journey, emphasizing that the thrill of discovery and growth is the essence of this engaging hobby.
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Ham Radio : Clubs : North America : USA : New York
  • W2LCW Long Island CW Club  new - Established in 2018, the Long Island CW Club aims to revitalize Morse Code (CW) usage among amateur radio operators. Despite the FCC's removal of CW as a licensing requirement, the club observes a growing interest in learning and mastering the code. Through online video conferencing, the club offers CW training classes catering to various skill levels, fostering a vibrant community of enthusiasts engaged in diverse ham radio activities worldwide.
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Ham Radio : Radio Scouting
  • Radio Scout Frequencies - Information on frequencies suggested as Scout amateur radio frequencies. These were initially suggested by the World Organization of the Scout Movement and their Jamboree on the Air organizer. As with all amateur radio frequencies they are a shared resource. If someone else is already on that frequency, move up or down to find a clear frequency for calling.
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  • Radio Scouting K2BSA - Radio Scouting is the intersection of Scouting and amateur radio. As such it introduces Scouts to the fun, technology and magic of amateur radio. It does this through the power of the world’s largest Scouting event, Jamboree on the Air, with over 700,000 Scouts engaged in connecting with one another through amateur radio the third weekend of October.
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Operating Aids : History
  • History of the Radio - The history of the radio is a fascinating one that changed how the world connected and communicated from distances both far and near. History of the Radio from Inception to Modern Day
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Operating Modes : HF Operations
  • Amateur Service Spectrum Requirements at 7 MHz - An information paper by the International Amateur Radio Union. The amateur service seeks the return to an exclusive, worldwide allocation of no less than 300 kHz in the vicinity of 7 MHz.
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Operating Modes : Radio Direction Finding
  • A Foxhunting Jamboree - Fox Hunting for Scouts. Jamboree can be an opportunity to promote ARDF among Scouts all around the world.
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Operating Modes : VHF UHF
  • 40 MHz 8m Band Amateur Radio Exploration - The 8m ISM band, a unique frequency range between 10m and 6m, holds potential for amateur radio enthusiasts, yet it remains largely unallocated. This spectrum offers fertile ground for research and self-training. The author's experience with low-power transmissions and WSPR testing highlights the band's capabilities and the need for a narrow, speech-free amateur allocation to encourage experimentation. Discover the world of 8m ISM radio exploration and its future possibilities.
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Propagation : Resources
  • Using PSK Reporter as Propagation Tool - PSK Reporter,is a powerful tool for monitoring your FT8, JT65 or PSK signals around the world. But, even if you are not transmitting on any of these modes it can still be a great propagation tool for determining which bands are open and to where in the world signals from your area are being heard.
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Shortwave Radio : Broadcasters
  • ShortwaveDB Map  new - Worldwide Map of shortwave transmitters. Based on shortwave schedule database, this website let you serarch using filters for broadcasts schedule and at the same time to diplay the transmitter map.
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Shortwave Radio : Broadcasters : Time Signal Radios
  • Radio Station WWV - NIST radio station WWV broadcasts time and frequency information 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to millions of listeners worldwide. WWV is located near Fort Collins, Colorado, about 100 kilometers north of Denver. The broadcast information includes time announcements, standard time intervals, standard frequencies, UT1 time corrections, a BCD time code, and geophysical alerts
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Shortwave Radio : Numbers stations
  • Spy Numbers Stations - Spy Numbers Stations are shortwave radio stations that are speculated to have been broadcasting since World War I. The true origin and purpose of them are unknown. A popular theory is that these stations are intended for spies in the field using a One Time Pad. Another theory is that they are used in drug smuggling operations.
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Software : Propagation
  • Proplab-Pro - Ray-trace radio signals through a realistic three-dimensional ionosphere using Proplab-Pro. This software has been used by the military, researchers, universities and amateur radio operators around the world to assist in determining radio propagation conditions and radio signal behavior. It is one of the most respected and well established software packages for radio engineers and enthusiasts, being actively updated for over 28 years.
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Software : Shortwave
  • SWL Logger - A shortwave radio listeners log book runs on Windows and MacOS Catalina and above. The KB6IBB SWL Logger is a program designed for the shortwave radio listener. It offers shortwave specific logging of stations, with most tasks handled automatically. The program also incorporates the use of EiBi shortwave database for logging and looking up various known shortwave stations world wide.
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Technical Reference : LoRa and LoRaWan
  • A Comparative Study of APRS Tracks with 1W and 100mW LoRa Trackers - Exploring LoRaWAN Range, comparing the performance of 1Watt and 100mW LoRa trackers on daily commute. Analyzing APRS tracks, beacon statistics, and visual comparisons to uncover insights and surprises in the world of long-range wireless communication.
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