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Antennas : 20M : 20 meter Vertical Antennas
  • A Simple High-Performance Vertical Antenna - This article describes the details of the design, which can be easily scaled for just about any HF band. The antenna described in this article is for the 20 meters band.
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  • The Vertical Buddi Beam for 20m - The Vertical Buddi Beam on 20m using no Coils. n this article I am going to describe a totally new way to construct and use a very old design the two element Yagi antenna. Unlike the traditional Yagi this design does not require a Tower or a boom, it is 100 percent portable and most important high- performance and easy to assemble using standard Buddipole components.
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Antennas : 30M
  • Shortened 30m Dipole - This article describes the construction of a 9,50 m long dipole for the 30 m band (10.1 MHz to 10.15 MHz). It was designed to be mounted ca. 6 m above ground inside an attic. The calculations were performed by OE1MEW
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Antennas : End-Fed
  • Delta Loop vs End Fed Half Wave on 20m - Intrigued by a German OM positive experience with a 20m delta loop, the author replicated the design, noting its favorable 50-ohm impedance compared to their 40m version. Testing against a vertical EFHW, the delta loop excelled within EU but lagged at longer distances. Despite needing more testing, the user leaned towards the EFHW for its overall performance and practicality.
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Antennas : Moxon
  • Enhancing Performance with W8JK/MOXON Antenna Variant - F5NPV introduces a variant of the W8JK antenna design, employing the MOXON principle. With extended monopoles, it outperforms the Open-Folded W8JK, yielding a 1dbd gain improvement, enhanced performance on 30m and 10m bands, bi-directionality, and lower side attenuation. The design's focus on higher radiation impedance results in increased antenna efficiency and reduced losses. Despite these improvements, the bill of materials remains unchanged.
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Antennas : Multiband
  • Open-Folded W8JK Antenna for HF - Originally designed by John Kraus, W8JK in about 1940, this antenna has some interesting properties. The W8JK antenna is 2 (Two) centre-fed double-dipole fed by a pair of anti-phase signals. Small size, simple antenna, offer nice performance but need a tuner. Tested in this project from 30m to 6m bands
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Antennas : OCF
  • Homebrew an OCF Off-Center Fed Dipole Antenna - This type of antenna is a popular antenna design as the performance is very good across the HF bands and requires little or no tuning. It’s a dipole fed off center with a 4:1 balun at the offset feed point. The antenna shown covers 80, 40, 20 and 10 meters. The formula can also be used to adjust the overall length to cover more or fewer bands and the resulting overall length. 160-10m, 80-10m or 40-10 meters depending on your available space. Other bands will require a tuner.
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Antennas : Portable
  • A Compact and Stealthy Field Portable Antenna  new - In the quest for an ideal field portable antenna, the author recounts experiments involving various wire configurations. While a previous candidate, a 41ft random wire, proved effective but lacked stealth, the search led to a surprising rediscovery of a design previously rejected—the Rybakov Antenna. With a focus on simplicity, rapid deployment, and multiband capability, the author explores the versatility of a 26ft Rybakov, avoiding the halfwave trap. The article delves into the antenna's performance and its potential as a discreet, resonant solution for field operations, addressing the challenges encountered during a POTA activation. Additionally, the Unun/Balun design used in conjunction with the Rybakov Antenna is discussed, providing insights into achieving a balanced system.
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Antennas : Receiving
  • Small HF RX Loop - This is very common W7IUV Flag Antenna design is based on the PY3AGD antenna because it uses the antenna mounted horizontally and nd it is perfect for my small city lot installation.
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Antennas : Theory
  • Yagi Antenna Design by G4CQM - A selection of technical articles and analysis offering guidance and insight to enable you to recognise and build your own high performance yagi design.
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Antennas : Theory : Antenna Gain
  • Understanding Antenna Gain in a Few Minutes - A collection of videos on antenna gain and explanations of how some antenna designs may perform better than others based on how their radiation pattern is drawn. Understanding how one antenna can gain more in reception and transmission than another can be complicated, but with these videos the author has without any doubt made it easier.
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DX Resources : SOTA
  • How to Activate a SOTA Peak - This documentation effort is intended to outline some of the primary steps to take in activating a SOTA Peak. It includes some of the planning steps, the activation, and post-activation steps. This outline is designed to serve as a general guideline for SOTA Activators
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Radio Equipment : HF Transceivers : Yaesu FT-817
  • FT-817 Audio Speech Compressor: Boosting Signal Power with SSM2165 - Designed for the FT-817, this audio speech compressor, centered on the Analog Devices SSM2165, offers a 40 dB compression range, enhancing signal power. Built externally with the SMD version to preserve warranty, the circuit interfaces smoothly with electret microphones. Testing shows a 6 dB average power increase. Adaptable to rigs with electret microphones, it maintains unity gain and 40 dB compression.
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  • Yaesu FT-817 Audio Enhancement: Heathkit-inspired Homebrew Project  new - Inspired by Heathkit, author aimed to enhance his Yaesu FT-817 with audio and RF processing. Design goals included a compact enclosure, PCB simplicity, matching jacks, a visual meter, and a built-in signal generator. Despite challenges in finding a suitable compressor IC for a 5V DC mic jack, he chose the Analog Devices SSM2165/2166 series. Prototyping with a solderless breadboard, author planned a PCB layout for its versatile performance in communication use.
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Software : RF Design
  • AppCAD - Free windows application for RF Microwave and Wireless applications. AppCAD is useful for the design and analysis of many circuits, signals, and systems using products from discrete transistors and diodes to Silicon and GaAs integrated circuits. AppCad is a unique suite of RF design tools and computerized Application Notes to make your wireless design job faster and easier
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  • WinRFCalc Free Windows RF Calculator - A multi tool Windows program that has been designed to offer the EMC RF and Radio Engineer a large variety of tools for Attenuation calculation, VSWR analysis, FIR Filter calculations, EMC system configuration, Radar testing , RF Filter calculation and much more without the need of a live internet connection.
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Software : Software Defined Radio
  • SDRPlusPlus - SDR++ is a cross-platform and open source SDR software with the aim of being bloat free and simple to use. Multi VFO, Wide hardware support (both through SoapySDR and dedicated modules), SIMD accelerated DSP Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, OSX and BSD), Full waterfall update when possible. Makes browsing signals easier and more pleasant, Modular design (easily write your own plugins)
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Software : Weak Signal
  • VARA - VARA HF is a soundcard modem that can be found on the HF bands exchanging traffic (Winlink). VARA implements an High Speed Data Mode and comes in 2 separate programs VARA FM and VARA HF. VARA is a High Performance HF modem based on OFDM modulation. VARA Modem, brings state of the art Military grade technology to new and existing HF data. Introduces a new standard of technology available for Amateur and Commercial use. Designed for operation within a SSB Bandwidth of 2400 Hz.
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Technical Reference : Amplifiers : HF Amplifiers
  • A600 Power Amplifier Project - This is a power amplifier project for a RF 600W 1.8 MHz to 70 MHz linear amplifier including a Low Pass Filter. Projects includes schematics, pictures, PCD design, fans details, note on PA ferrite chokes and assembling instructions
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Technical Reference : Filters
  • Enhancing Frontend Performance with Optimized Band Pass Filters  new - This article explores the nuanced design challenges of Band Pass Filters (BPF) in radio receivers, balancing low insertion loss, high stop band rejection, and narrow bandwidth. The focus is on the "Series-Trap, Shunt-C" topology, resonator count impact, and meticulous layout design for superior stop band performance across various frequency bands
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