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  • Archery Antenna for 13cm - A simple efficient and perfoming antenna similar to the short-backfire antenna project
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  • Cavity antennas - Cavity antennas are weatherproof antennas for UHF and microwave frequencies. Require more metal for the same decibels of antenna gain but a cavity antenna is relatively easy to weatherproof.
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  • Cavity Backed Antenna - A cavity backed antenna is a practical slot antenna tipically used in microwave applications
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  • Cup Dipole Antenna for 13cm - A cup dipole antenna plan for 13 cm band and basic design guide of cup dipoles
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  • Short-backfire antenna for 13cm - Design of a short-backfire antenna for microwave frequency band
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    Microwave antennas, are aerials resonating in the 300 MHz 300 GHz range, the Microwave frequency band

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