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  • 2m HT antenna shootout - G4ILO compares popular antennas for 2 metre band handhelds so as to see how much you lose using a small inconspicuous antenna or how much you gain by using a long antenna.
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  • Extending the Range of Your Handheld - Extending the range of your handheld vhf uhf transceiver with an external antenna by WG7S
    [ Hits: 640 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 10.00 ]
  • Increase Efficiency for Hand-Held Antennas - End-fed half-wave antennas provide better efficiency for hand-held radios than quarter-wave radiators or rubber ducks, article by K0DK
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  • VHF UHF antenna for mobile transceivers - A whip antenna for VHF and UHF handhelds or mobile radios
    [ Hits: 12899 | Votes: 40 | Rating: 4.87 ]
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