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  • Morgain 40 80 - A multiband no traps antenna that can work on 40 and 80 meters band. Total lenght of this wire antenna is 20 meters, that make this antenna suitable for restricted lots or backyards. Article in Italian with some interesting pictures taken.
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  • Morgain 40-80 by IM0JZJ - This folded dipole, can be even built for 10 and 20 meters band, and can also give good results on 15 meters, with the sole lenght of just 20 meter of total lenght. Originally born to work on 40 meters, can be adapted for any band.
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  • Morgain 80-160 - A dual band antenna designed to work on low bands and in this article on 80 and 160 meters band. Total lenght of this folded dipole is 37,60 meters. Includes some details for fine tuning on 160 meters. Article in italia
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  • Morgain Antenna by DL6GD - A schematic antenna for a 40-80 Morgain dipole antenna with diagram and pictures, article partially in german
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  • Morgain Antenna for 40/80 - Simple and cheap antenna for 40/80 meter band in Italian
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  • Morgain Antenna, the old lady - An introduction to history of Morgain Antenna, since the early origins in Virginia, to the current home made projects and design available on the net. Article in Italian
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    Morgain Antenna
    Morgain antenna is a dual band wire antenna, with a reduced size, tipically designed for low bands, 40-80 meters, but also implemented for 10-20 meters band. Usually very cheap to build, need a restricted space due to the fact thas dipole elements are folded wires. Origiannly designed and produced in the USA in 1940s, it quickly become popular among european radio amateurs.

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