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  • 10m - 20 m Slot Fed Skeleton HF Antenna - 14Mhz - 30Mhz Slot Fed Skeleton HF Antenna, offering a low angle of radiation on the design frequencies and a has a small space requirement
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  • 40-20 Skeleton Slot HF Antenna - A skeleton slot antenna by M0AWS , above 20m the radiation pattern changes such that it becomes a high angle radiator, offering good performance for NVIS operations
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  • About Skeleton Slot Antenna - The Skeleton Slot Antenna Revisited by Bobby Brainwave, N3VGS PDF File.
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  • HF Skeleton Slot - An antenna system with a difference. It is a cheap and simple to make antenna, can be built with three bamboo spreaders and wire
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  • Skeleton Slot yagi Stack - 2m Skeleton Slot yagi Stack
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