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    • W5GI Mystery Antenna - W5GI Mystery Antenna is a multi-band wire antenna that performs exceptionally well even though it confounds antenna modeling software. This antenna covers 80 to 6 meters with low feed point impedance and will work with most radios, with or without an antenna tuner. It is approximately 100 feet long, can handle the legal limit, and is easy and inexpensive to build. It�s similar to a G5RV but a much better performer especially on 20 meters.
    • Cubic Quad - The cubic quad is a very popular way to get reasonably high gain and excellent front to back ratios as well as low angles of radiation for without going to extreme heights. Includes design for 2 6 10 12 15 meter bands
    • 6 Meter J-Pole Antenna - Amateur radio project by W8CWE
    • 50 Mhz Dipole - This article describes a simple but effective wide bandwidth six metre antenna
    • 3 Element Yagi for Six meter band - Plans for 3 elements beam antenna and gamma matches
    • Rotatable Dipoles - Portable, and shortened with loading coils rotatable dipoles for 6 meters, 20 meters and multibands.
    • 6 meter omni halo - This halo is made with a true Gamma Section this time and is fashioned from aluminum
    • 50MHz J-Pole Antenna - Need a general purpose antenna on the magic band? The J-Pole is an easy-to-build and inexpensive device that provides an omni-directional vertically polarised antenna without the need for a ground plane. In technical terms, it is an end fed vertical 1/2 wave which is fed via a 1/4 wave matching stub.
    • Delta Loop for 50 MHz - Delta loop and vertical antenna plans with translation in italian
    • Loop Antenna for 6m - Indoor loop antenna for six meters band, project by Colen Harlow, G8BTK
    • Six Meter Moxon Antenna - N2MH description and phots of a moxon antenna for six meters band, includes clear pictures, drawings and assembling instruction to build this antenna for 50 mhz.
    • A dipole for 6 meters band - Six meters band dipole horizontal or vertical
    • 6 meters Delta Loop by KK5ID - The 6 Meter Band may be dead at times, but help bring it to life with Larry's rotatable loop project.
    • 50 MHz Antennas by DF9CY (4 & 6 Element) - Two well performing 50 MHz antennas designed with W7EL EZNEC along to many other antenna projects and related articles
    • EH antennas for 50 Mhz - EH antenna for six meters band by IW0BZD
    • 4 elements 50MHz Quagi - Total Boom Lenght is 3 m.
    • Swiss Quad for 10 and 6 meters - Based on HB9CV, F6ITV decribes how build a swiss quand antenna for 28 and 50 Mhz.
    • G4CQM Homebrew VHF Yagi antennas - Homebrew VHF Yagi 50MHz 144MHz 432MHz 1296MHz 2320MHz 6M 2M 70CM 23CM 13CM Yagis
    • The 2-Element-HB9CV-Beam - The HB9CV-Beam is a 2-Element-Yagi with two driven elements and was introduced by Rudolf Baumgartner, HB9CV in the 1950ies. The Beam is a coax-feeded version of the ZL-Special Construction by DK7ZB for 2m, 6m and 10m
    • G8VR a small Yagi for 50 MHz - Complete plans and drawings to build a Yagi for six meter band by Ken Willis, G8VR
    • 6 Meter 5/8 Wave Vertical Antenna - The G3JVL 6 Meter ground plane vertical is a compact antenna that is ideal for portable operations. If needed, it can be disassembled into a very small bundle no longer than the longest element.
    • Home Brew Mobile 6M Halo - The Jones version of the Lawn Chair 6M Halo
    • IK1ZYW Vertical antenna - A vertical antenna for stationary-mobile HF-VHF operation. It works on 2-6-10 and 12 meters band.
    • 50 Mhz 6 element yagi - G3PTO antenna drawing plan for a 50Mhz 6 Element Yagi
    • 3 element 50 Mhz Yagi - A 3 elements long yagi antenna for 6 meters band by ON6MU
    • Omni-Directional antenna for 6-Meters - Experimental omni-directional antennas for 6-meters band
    • A Bird Yagi Antenna - Pictures and detail of contruction of a bird yagi for 10 meters and pictures of the 6 meters version
    • Moxon rectangles for 6 Meters - Moxon antenna for 50 mhz, The Moxon rectangle is a quite broad-band antenna, but it is not quite broad enough to cover the entire band.
    • 50 Mhz yagi plans - 5 Elem. yagi for 10 meters, 9 element yagi beam antenna for six meters band by ON4ANT
    • Easy Delta Loop for 50MHz - Build your own delta loop antenna for 6 meters band
    • 6 meter HexBeam antenna - SP3FHI hexbeam antenna built with bamboo sticks
    • 6 meters Quagi - A six meters band Quagi antenna project
    • 10 elements Yagi for 2 meters - Based on a design by JM1SZY for 50 MHz that he developed using YO
    • 6 Meter 3 Element Quad - Starting from an original project for a 2 element quad antenna for six meter band, ve7ca presents the dimensions for a 3 element version.
    • 50MHz Moxon Rectangle - N3ox 6 meter moxon rectangle, pictures and assembly notes
    • A two band halo for VHF Mobile - 50 and 144 Mhz with a single mobile antenna system
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